Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hope this Christmas

As we have been gearing up for Christmas these last few weeks I have been feeling all of the emotions that I experienced last year at this time -- a bleakness at celebrating a joyous holiday when I feel so personally fatigued by   the legal battle on our hands, a desire to make things particularly special or meaningful as a way to control things when I feel out of control, the heaviness in my heart as I worry this could be the last Christmas we have with our family in tact, the extreme joy of being the mom to these two amazing and wonderful little people, and feeling wildly joyful that our family is exactly as it should be.  

I have been kind of reflecting on all of these emotions and trying to give myself grace and take each day as it comes.  The other day I was thinking about love inside of marriage and I was struck by something that felt enormously helpful to me. I firmly believe that love is so much more than just an emotion but is rather a real choice that we have. And while it is certainly often a feeling or emotion, love is a constant series of decisions we make and a commitment that we make to our husbands or wives.  Matt and I have a wonderful relationship. I love him immensely more today than I did the seven and a half years ago that we got married, but we really know how to make each other crazy. I am eternally grateful to Matt that he isn't only in it for the times that I delight and amaze him! Thankfully he gives me the gift of his love even when I am shouting at him or wearing the pajamas that he hates and always wants me to get rid of or when I am singing way off key to the radio in the car.  Somewhere in the middle of thinking through all of that I realized that hope is a decision too.  

I have been feeling really hopeless lately.  I just feel physically weighted down by my own despair.  That sounds so terribly dramatic! But man, the last couple of weeks have just been unbearable for me.  I just couldn't get out from under my fear, and it was really overwhelming me.  So when it occurred to me that hope might not just be a feeling that I could only wish to possess, it really propelled me into a better place.  Because if it is a choice, I get some say in it.  I might not feel full of hope, but I can decide that it's for me.  So if I can look at Matt who is currently missing a front tooth (that's a whole different story!) and crunches his ice even though I have asked him for seven years to stop it, and decide to love him in that moment anyway, I can certainly grab onto the hope that my daughter will be with us forever and feel comforted by that.

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus over these next couple of days, I am reminding myself that we are talking about the God of the universe who sent His Only Son to be born to an unwed virgin in a barn. He has beautiful and miraculous plans. His ways are mysterious. And I choose to put all of my hope in Him.  

We are joyfully wishing you a Christmas filled with this great hope.

M & M -- Wavy's mom and dad

Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Waiting...

Hello Friends,

I spoke with Molly yesterday and learned that, once again, there was not a decision announced regarding their case yesterday. 

This news brings both frustration and relief.  As expected, M&M are both exhausted with the frustration and axiety that comes with this extended period of waiting and the uncertainty that it brings to them on a daily basis.  But at the same time, Molly expressed a certain sense of relief in knowing that this decision will most likely not be reached until after the first of the year, leaving them with several weeks to "turn off" their constant anticipation of a pending decision.

For now, M&M and their sweet family are anticipating the upcoming holiday season... they are preparing a special play area in the basement for the girls as a surprise Christmas gift!  Matt will be able to enjoy an extended Christmas vacation and Molly expressed their desire to carve out plenty of special time for "just the four of us" this year. 

Please continue to pray for M&M during this special time of the year.  Molly has expressed to me on more than one occasion how sweet and sobering special occasions can be in light of Wavy's unknown future. 

So as we all await the peace and hope that Christmas and the birth of our Savior brings, I ask you to remember to pray that M&M, and their families, would be overwhelmingly filled with the peace and hope that Christ's birth brings!

Merry Christmas to all of you and on behalf of M&M, thank you for your continued interest, support, and prayerful petitions on their behalf!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Look Who's Praying for WavyBel...

Faithful Friends,

No decision was reached today.  M&M continue to wait and hope that they will hear news next Friday.  Please continue to pray for them... most especially for a favorable ruling NEXT FRIDAY!  How wonderful would it be if they could celebrate this Christmas in true peace and thanksgiving?!

Until then...

Look Who's Praying Today!

Saint Catherine of Siena Ladies Bible Study
Wichita, KS

Nancy Jenkins
St. Catherine of Seina Parish Secretary
Wichita, KS

Alison Boddicker & Family

Ashley & Derek Heintzelman
Kansas City

Mazzy the Cat!

7th Grade Class
Hickory Grove Baptist Christian School
Charlotte, NC

Bob & Nancy Balloun
Russell, Kansas

Janet & Caleb Stremel
Newell, Iowa

LeeAnn Williams
Baldwin City, KS

Lori Session and family
Wichita, KS

Addy, Savannah, Thomas & Joseph Bray
Olathe, Kansas

Bridgett Cotter, Christine Degen, Nancy D'Angelo

Tom & Sherri Schraeder
Overland Park, Kansas

Brian Nagel
Kansas City, Kansas

Bri and Stephen McClernon
Olathe, Kansas

Gene & Melanie Irwin
Leawood, Kansas

Emily & Noah Holtzman
Chris & Diane Wiebe
Jonah, Eliza, and Myla

Mark & Mary Ann Kuhn
Wichita, Kansas

Jim, Kyle, Joan & Melanie Tidball
Wichita, Kansas

Ava & Shaelin Newcome
(and Melissa & Gary too!)
Hutchinson, Kansas

Matt, Elizabeth, Melanie & Claire Stockemer
Wichita, Kansas

3 Sisters:
Deonne - Hutchinson, KS
Sheila - Joplin, Missouri
Bobbie - Springfield, Missouri

Bob & Leann (and son, TJ) Williams
Baldwin City, Kansas

Steve & Connie (and Brandy) Archibald
Richmond, Virginia

Carm Ludlow & Alice Wiggins
Wichita, Kansas

Keep the Pictures Coming...

Friday, December 4, 2009

No News Yet

No news today.

It's been a long few days in our house, to say the least.

When we heard earlier in the week that we might have a ruling as early as this Friday, it was something we've both looked forward to and stressed about all at the same time. So finding out that our case was not ruled on today was both a large disappointment, and in some ways, a relief.  We're disappointed because we so desperately want this all to come to an end.

Thinking back today, I was amazed when I stopped to think that we started all of this well over a year ago. In fact, this time last year we were heading into our first of several days of trial... that was probably the worst thing either of us has had to go through thus far in our lives. We really can't believe that this is still going on.

We can't believe that it takes the courts this many months to secure a future for our daughter. When we first knew this adoption would likely be contested by the birth father, we could have never imagined our daughter would be almost 1 1/2 years old and her future still be undecided.

It seems that every twist and turn along the way reminds us how not in control we are, and that this whole situation rests in the hands of someone else - not us. It's both comforting to know that ultimately God is in control of this situation and the outcome, but also difficult to trust that He is in control and all we can do is petition Him and learn to wait patiently on His timing.

We also can't believe that we're still, all things considered, a loving functioning family. There have been so many times in the last year and half where we've both sat down and thought "we'll never make it if this thing continues on for one more day!" Yet here we are getting through the day to day, enjoying both our girls and anticipating the holidays with family and friends.

Yes, there are times during almost everyday where we feel a little bit of a dark cloud over us knowing that an unfavorable decision might come, but we're also amazed daily that while that sense of fear and anxiety comes, it does not rule our lives. For that, we're thankful every day.

We're comforted daily by encouraging emails in our inbox, comments on this blog, and friends who are always ready to listen when we need to talk about all of this. We're so thankful for everyone who is supporting us in so many ways through this time. It's been such a comfort and blessing to us and is a big part of why we're able to continue on this journey. We're so thankful for all the prayers being prayed for us daily and know that God has been sustaining us as we go, helping us have wonderful moments in the midst of all of this and increasing our patience every day that we wait. Thank you all for so diligently following our journey and praying for us along the way.

On the legal side, it sounds like we just wait. For how long, we're finding out that we really don't know. We've been told everything from 3 weeks after our court hearing (this week) to 12 weeks. It seems that no one is very good at predicting when the court will rule, and it is under no obligation to rule quickly. What we do know is that when they rule, we'll find out on a Friday.

So, from here on out, the end of each week is going to carry with it an extra bit of anticipation and stress. While we covet your prayers daily, we especially covet them towards the end of each week. We'll make sure to update every Friday so everyone will know whether a decision has been made that week or not.

Thank you all again for your ongoing prayers.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Two Weeks In & Possible News

Two weeks ago today we were in court.  

Today we got an email from our lawyer saying that while it could be longer, the court of appeals has been working to issue its rulings within three fridays after the hearing.  

That would mean we would have a verdict THIS FRIDAY.  

As in THREE DAYS from now.  

Because our original understanding was that it would take months for a ruling, this is completely unexpected.  I do not know if I was way off base in the first place, if something has changed, or why the timeline is what it is.  But that is the word we received today.  

The email from our lawyer also detailed his thoughts after the hearing we had two weeks ago...  

The bottom line is that the judge that ruled on our original case based some of his decision on precedent (which is how all rulings in Kansas adoption cases are supposed to be made), while other parts of his ruling were not.  That could be because there was not precedent or because that was just the best way to make the ruling... we'll probably never know.  

But because some aspects of the original judge's decision will be ground breaking, if they stand, our case is not just a "cut and dry" appeal.  

The opposition has a lot stronger case given that there is so much gray area here.  Well, at least there is a lot of gray area from the standpoint of the law.  

When you are trying to figure out a baby's future, it seems pretty black and white to me.  If the law as well as all parties involved would just put her first, this would have all been over a very long time ago.  

One of the reasons this case is controversial is that the Judge used "best interest of the child" as a reason NOT to place her with her birthfather.  As the law is written, it is supposed to be a "shield" for the birthparent, not a "sword"... meaning it should only tip the scale in the birthparent's favor -- not create a ruling against them.  

Can you believe that?

The legal system is more worried about the rights of an adult who is making their own choices and fully responsible for the life they are living, than it is for the well being of a helpless and vulnerable child with no power over her own life.  


Since we believed that the absolute earliest we would hear would be next Friday, we are sitting with our hearts in our throats this evening as we try to process having an answer this week.  Matt and I both understood the lawyer to mean that it is probable we will hear this week.  

The idea of finding out in a few days and really having no idea on what the court is thinking or how they are planning on ruling is excruciating.  I am not sure if it will be a relief if we don't end up with any answers on Friday or if it will seem all the more torturous.  

I can assure you that we will think of nothing else between now and when we find out what will happen with our daughter.  Whenever that might be.  

My prayer is simple and short today; with every breath in me, I am just pleading desperately to God to please let us keep our daughter.  

Please, please, please join with us as we pray for a positive outcome...

  • Please pray that the judges would not be able to bring themselves to rule against our family - no matter what.
  • Please pray that each judge would feel enormously burdened to give this baby the safe home and warm family she needs.
  • Please pray that each judge would have tremendous wisdom in their knowledge of the law as it can be used to keep Wavy with the only family she has ever known.
We are forever grateful for your petitions on our behalf and for the amazing ways you have shown us your love and support.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

To all of our friends who read this blog,

I really wanted to post this message to you all on Wednesday or Thursday of last week. My sweet girls were both sick one at a time, and now I seem to have come down with something as well.  Between our long nights and my lack of energy I am sorry to just now be posting this.  We received so many kind emails and comments from people that apologized for posting a link to our old blog or for referencing our story on their personal sites.  I just wanted to take a moment to respond to that.  

We were so HAPPY that so many people responded to our first blog.  We were then, and continue to be, completely amazed by the amount of people who we know personally and people we have never met who have come along side of us and showered us with their support.  Two of the three fundraisers that were most recently held were hosted by people who do not know us at all.  Strangers have sent us kind notes and prayed for our family.  So if you have previously helped spread the word about our situation please feel the full weight of our gratitude and appreciation. 

Any prayers that were prayed on the behalf of our precious girl are worth any price we paid for them and more.  

The only reason we are asking so repeatedly for people to be cautious and less public about this particular blog is to maintain some privacy from people that we would rather not have access to our personal information.  It just feels intrusive and somewhat defeating. So once more, please hear loud and clear that Matt and I are thankful everyday for your prayerful participation in the positive outcome of this situation. We are so glad you are with us on the journey! Thank you for walking this road with us.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One Week Down

From Molly...

One Week Down

I love to take pictures of the girls, and I laughed when I saw the expression on Wave's face in this one as it pretty well expresses the crankiness we are feeling over waiting.

I had been pretty down for the better part of this past week, and even though I thought I remembered, I had forgotten exactly how it feels to be in this position.

As soon as we left court, I remembered that knot in my stomach that won't go away, how I have to keep reminding myself to unclench my teeth, and all of the other physical ways I feel this waiting nervously.

I was fighting ugly and bitter feelings this week as I thought about Thanksgiving approaching in a couple of days. I was just feeling so mad at the justice system for not putting the rights and needs of children first, and resentful towards the other party for not putting this little girl above themselves, and angry at trying to act happy during the holidays when everything is in limbo and nothing is certain.

Matt was teasing me about something the other night at dinner. Harper didn't realize he was joking and thought I would be upset. She said,

"Dad! 1 Thessalonians says be nice to my mommy!"

After he explained we were just having fun and we all laughed together, I started thinking about what verse Harper was referring to (which of course has nothing to do with being nice to mommies). At breakfast we work on memory verses.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says...

"Be joyful always. Pray continually. And give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

Well. Okay.

So I am slowly coming back around and getting back into the mindset of loving the life we live.

And I do.

Love this life.

It is the one I have always wanted!

I love my girls giggling together in the backseat or in the bathtub, grown up dinners with Matt in our quiet house when the ladies are sleeping, finding Jamberry and Goodnight Moon in my bed when I lay down at night, the sweet commentary Harper provides for all of our day to day activities, and laundry baskets filled with tiny, clean, pink clothes.

So if this is the price we pay for all of that...

I can still find joy;
I can still pray continually,
and I can still give thanks in this circumstance.

So with a little bit of a lighter heart, we are anticipating a happy Thanksgiving this Thursday.

My family hopes that yours has as much to be thankful for as we do.

With Love and Much Gratitude,


Raffle Winners!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who purchased raffle tickets for the Ava Claire's Closet & Cottage Care Cleaning giveaways!

Through your generous donations, over $350 was raised for the "Help M&M Fund" through these two fundraisers!

And now for the winners...

Ava Claire's Closet Christmas Outfit
Mary Ann K.

This winner has decided to gift her prize outfit to Molly!  In fact, sweet Melissa is going to make not one, but two Christmas shirts... one for WavyBel and one for Harper!

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Again, THANK YOU to each and every one of you who purchased a raffle ticket!  A lot of people pitching in a little went a long way in helping the M&M with their financial needs!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2 Raffle Fundraisers End Tomorrow Night...

Just a reminder....

The raffle drawings for the Cottage Care Interior Home Cleaning Service and the Ava Claires Closet Christmas Outfit end tomorrow, Wednesday, November 18th at 8:00 pm CST.

Raffle tickets for both auctions are $5 each.

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I have received lots of emails (thank you!) and so to be sure that I have everyone tracked and ticketed, I am going to list the names (first name, last initial) of those who have purchased raffle tickets thus far. If, for some reason, you have contacted me and you do not see your name on this list, please let me know!

Thank you again & check back tomorrow for the WINNERS!

Cottage Care Cleaning Service

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3 - Celina R.


It Was Not Great... from Molly


I don't know what to say about court today.

I mean that literally.

I can't think of what to tell you...

It was not great.
I am sure it could have been a lot more terrible.
It was not the slam dunk we had been hoping for.

Their lawyer appeared to be about twelve years old. So I was pretty surprised when he opened his mouth and an articulate and legitimate SOUNDING argument spilled out. We had hoped that his defense would be poorly delivered and easy to dismiss.

He, of course, argued that the judge had ruled incorrectly in the original case and that the birthfather was wrongly stripped of his parental rights. The judges asked questions of both lawyers. One judge said nothing. It was hard to tell what the other two judges were thinking.

The birthfather's lawyer said some untrue things about Matt and I, and also said that we had refused to take the stand in the preliminary trial because we knew we would be asked tough questions about what the birthfather had done for Waverley. At that point, we wanted to stand up and yell,

"Oh I will tell you all about that right here and now!"

We would have paid money to take the stand in the original trial! All we have wanted was for Waverley to have a voice instead of the opposition carrying on about the birthfather's rights.

Having to hear those untrue words was frustrating, to say the least.

At the conclusion of the time, the opposing lawyer got to have the last word. He used that time to make his final remarks and to make several false claims about things the birthfather has done. And we just had to listen and could not dispute it.

The judges have all of the information at their disposal.

We are praying that they will clearly see the truth and decide for the best possible future for Waverley.

Our lawyer said he expects the ruling in three to five weeks. He is an amazing lawyer but has proven a little bit of a poor predictor on the time frame front! So hopefully we will know that soon. We are not anticipating that we will though.

The judges can either rule that we win the appeal, lose the appeal, or they can kick it back to the lower court and order a retrial where we would basically start over from the beginning.

Both of these last two options seem completely unbearable.

I am sorry this update seems so cold and factual. We are sad and tired. It's been really tough today.

I'll just close by saying it again: it was not great.

In the midst of this hard day, we are so thankful for all of the prayer covering our sweet daughter today.

I'm just going to go hold her for awhile now.




Please pray that despite the articulate arguments made by the opposing attorney, these three judges will have the foresight and the wisdom to see through the "smoke and mirrors" and be able to clearly distinguish fact from fiction.

I personally can't imagine having to sit still and listen to false words spoken about me. It seems unfathomable that such a thing could happen in a court of law, of all places!

Thank you for continuing to pray for our friends.... pray that the judges would have wisdom that is beyond this world and as they weigh the evidence before them over the coming weeks, that the true character and intent of the birthfather would be clearly revealed to them.

Finally, as I shared with you in this post, the last thing Matt & Molly want to have to endure is another holiday season without resolution to this litigation. Last year, trying to celebrate the special-ness of the holidays, while carrying the burden of not knowing whether it would be their last time to do so as a family of four, was just too much to bear. Therefore, I ask you to pray specifically that this case would be decided expediently so that by the time the Christmas holiday is here, they will be able to celebrate it without fear or anxiety.

Thank you again for continuing to lift them up... I suspect that they will need your prayers even more as these days of waiting continue.

With gratitude,

It's Over...

I received a text message from Molly at 11:12 am indicating that they were out of court.

There is no way to truly know "how it went", but Molly said that "it wasn't great". As expected, the opposing attorney presented the best case he had as did Matt & Molly's attorney.

We all know that they have faced seemingly hopeless odds before, but God's wisdom and justice reigned.

For the rest of the day, I ask you to continue to pray that the judges who just heard this case will have supernatural wisdom and knowledge and that above all else, they will consider Waverley's needs, her security, her future, and her ultimate happiness.

Thank you!


Praying Today...

As I write, I know only one thing...

that Matt and Molly are in court right now.

Actually, I know two things.

I also know that they are scared right now.

And now that I think of it, I realize I know three things.

I know that there are literally hundreds, possibly thousands, of people praying for them right now.

When I woke up this morning, the Nagels were the first thing on my mind. And as I thought about them, I wished that I had the "right words" or the perfect words to be able to say that might somehow bring them comfort, strength and peace. And then I was immediately reminded of a sweet "moment" that happened when I visited Molly and the girls last month.

As I thought about that moment, I realized that it was God Himself, speaking through the words of little Harper, who did, in fact, have not just the "right words", but the perfect words to speak to Matt and Molly today....

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." ~ Joshua 1:9

And so today they go to court. And the Lord IS with them. And He hears the many, many prayers that are being offered today... for them,

for her!

Jinny, a blog follower who has never met the Nagels personally, posted some specific prayer requests on her personal blog this morning.

They are perfect and so I want to share them with you so that you can continue to pray for the Nagels today...

and until the court decision is final.

Pray for...

•the judges' eyes and ears to be open to the true nature of Waverly's birth father.
•the judges to have supernatural wisdom and knowing.
•the Nagels' attorney to possess the words and answers ordained by our Heavenly Father.
•another miracle for the Nagel family.
•a sense of peace to surround Matt and Molly as they await the court's decision.
•God's will and perfect plan to reign supreme.
•Waverly and the future that God prepared for her even before she was conceived.
•a sense of security and love to envelope both Waverly and Harper.
•monetary provision for the enormous financial burden this battle has laid upon Matt and Molly.

Thank you Jinny for sharing those prayer requests with all of us.

And lastly, I want to thank all of you, on behalf of the Nagels, who have included them in prayer groups, bible study prayers, Sunday School prayer intentions, and who have passed their needs on to your own friends. I receive emails everyday from people who are extending the blanket of prayer that covers the Nagels today.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Here are a few more people who are Praying for Waverley! It's not too late to send me your pictures... I'll keep posting them as long as you send them!

Grandma Heintzelman's teacher friends have the whole family in our hearts and prayers.
Bridget Cotter, Christine Degen and Nancy D'Angelo

Addy, Savannah, Thomas, and Joseph Bray
Olathe, Kansas

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Note from Molly...

Before I post the note from Molly, be sure to check out the "Praying for Waverley" photo post below! And after you see the pictures and read Molly's words... go get your camera and email me your picture too! Keep them coming....

From Molly
3:00 pm / November 16, 2009

"I am freaking out a little bit. I came in here to email Danielle after a good ,but busy day yesterday that just was jam packed from waking up until we fell into bed exhausted. I am full of nervous energy and my mind is racing!

I had some thoughts I thought I would email, but I decided to look at the blog first.

I could not believe the pictures!

When I saw the first one I gasped and thought, "Oh my gosh! People really sent in their pictures!" I was so excited and thought there might be one or two more. My eyes got bigger and bigger as I kept scrolling and scrolling.

I could NOT believe it!

Some of the pictures made me smile -- or laugh in the case of my awesome friends Bri and Steve -- and then I was just sitting here crying because I didn't even know so many of the people, and yet there they were with bracelets with our daughter's name on them.

Wow. What a feeling.

I am just sitting here covered in chills!

When all of this started over a year ago we used to send out mass emails to our friends and family when big things came up or when we had any new information. I literally did not believe it when people told me that they were forwarding the emails on, and that their friends or family who didn't know us would ask about us whenever they saw our friends. I thought they were just being nice or trying to let us know that people cared. I even though that perhaps they were even exaggerating a bit for our benefit.

So I have been totally overwhelmed through this blog when people that have no direct connection to Matt or I started reading the blog, or sending us money, or commenting that they were praying for us! In fact, two of the three fundraisers that were posted last week are being hosted by people I have never even met.

It just doesn't make any sense.

I wanted to tell you, on the eve of what is (hopefully, please Jesus) our last court date, that we are grateful beyond measure for your prayers and your support.

When we feel down or nervous or panicked, there is this whole blog site we can look at... it is a tangible reminder of what we have experienced all along, which is that there are some amazing people in this life, and we are so grateful to have crossed paths with you all!

I was telling my friend the other day that it really changes you to be on the receiving end of so much and know that no matter how much you want to, you will never be able to repay everyone for their kindness and generosity. I do just want you to know how deeply we are experiencing your goodness to us.

Thank you. Thank you.

Molly "

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Update to Fundraiser & a Reminder!

Fundraiser Update!

Remember this precious outfit that is up for auction?
Well, it's been changed to a RAFFLE instead!


We've extended the date by one day!

From now through Wednesday, November 18th at 8:00 pm CST, you can purchase raffle tickets for just
$5 each!

That's right...

You have the opportunity to WIN this custom-made, personalized, adorable Christmas outfit for your special cutie for just $5!

The winning ticket will be drawn on Wednesday, November 18th at 8:00 pm CST.

The winner will be notified via email of their WIN with specific instructions on how to claim your precious prize!

Want to Buy a $5 Raffle Ticket... or two or three or four....

Email Danielle at with the number of tickets you would like to purchase. I will respond with payment instructions.

Click here
to read the original fundraising post!

And just because I ADORE this sweet shirt so much....
I dressed up my own little cutie-pie in the very same shirt last night!

How CUTE is it with a tutu?!?!

Of course, a tutu (as cute as it is) is only practical for about 10-15 minutes, so you can bet I'll be having Melissa make my Emily some of those adorable matching pants to go with her shirt too!


And finally....

Little Claire Stockemer in Wichita, Kansas wants to remind all of you to....

Email me your pictures wearing your prayer bracelets!

I will begin posting to the "Praying for Waverley" Gallery tomorrow in anticipation of Matt & Molly's court date on Tuesday!

Also, check back tomorrow for specific prayer requests from the Nagels!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

God's Timing is Perfect

I visited with Molly for a while this morning.

As we visited, she shared some of her thoughts about the timing of events related to Waverley's adoption litigation... God's timing, that is! I want to pass it on to you.

As you will see, the power of prayer is real, it is working, and God's timing is, well...


Example #1:

The day after their most grueling day in court (in their original case), Matt & Molly's attorney passed on the news that a case had just been decided. That case wasn't just any case! It was a case that they were able to use in their own court defense... one that was critical to their defense and, in all likelihood, was instrumental in their ultimate WIN!


We don't think so!

God's Timing is Perfect.

Example #2:

From Molly

"This week we received a great note from our lawyer. A case with bizarrely similar circumstances to ours was recently ruled on by the court of appeals.

In both the original case and this appeal, a case with a ruling that was critical to our defense came out just in time for us to use.

And we certainly do NOT believe this is a coincidence!

The court of appeals ruled in favor of that adoptive family!

As we have mentioned before adoption law is based on precedent.

So this is huge for us!

Now for the best part... one of the judges that ruled on this case is one of the three judges we go before on November 17th!



We don't think so!

God's Timing is Perfect.

Example #3:

Before I get to the part about the timing, let me first share with you something Molly emailed me the other night...

From Molly: My Favorite New Piece of Jewelry

To date, my favorite pieces of jewelry have been my wedding ring, and a great pair of earrings Matt bought for me several years ago.

This week a rubber bracelet has moved to the top of the list.

When I saw pictures of the bracelet with my daughter's name on it, it was one of those surreal moments where you feel like an outsider looking at your own life.

I can't believe we are in a situation where there is any reason for my little girl's name to be on a bracelet of this nature. And the fact that people care about this situation enough that we even HAVE bracelets to wear is astounding! Since we got them last Saturday I have seen two people wearing the bracelets and Matt saw some of our friends wearing them last night.

I know it is just a simple, blue, rubber bracelet, but 'oh my gosh' did that fill me with such a sense of hope and gratitude!

If this many people are praying for Waverley, I don't see how we could lose this fight! I so hope that people are reminded to pray for our precious girl when they see their bracelets.

I have been wearing MY bracelet today, and every time I see it, I just touch it for a second and close my eyes and take a whole lot of comfort. To know that we are not alone in this and that so many people are walking along side of us is incredible.

I am so happy I get to have it with me in the courtroom to remind me of all this. And as a reminder that as He has from the start, God will see us through.

Man I love this bracelet!

You may or may not know this, but I actually ordered these rubber prayer bracelets back in late August. When I ordered them, I was given a 7 day time frame for their delivery.

Obviously that didn't happen!

Shipping problems from China, the wrong color being ordered, communication problems with the company... you name it, it happened!

The end result of all of these so-called "problems" is that the bracelets ultimately did not arrive until late last week!

Because so many of you have graciously given donations and offered your prayer support, I have been scrambling to get these bracelets mailed out to everyone this week... the week before the ultimate court date! They are, after all, intended to be a visible reminder to pray for the Nagels and this is the week they need those prayers most!

After Molly shared with me how much she loved her bracelet and how comforted she was to SEE them on the wrists of people, I felt so bad that it had taken so LONG for them to arrive!

As I apologized for the long delay in getting them out to her prayer warriors, she interrupted me and said that she thought that timing was, well...


She shared that while people could certainly have been praying for the situation at large for these past months, the fact that they came so close to a time in which they needed specific prayers for their court date, was...

you guessed it...

Not a coincidence!

God's Timing is Perfect.

In 3 days, the Nagels will have their long awaited day in court. So pull out those bracelets, send me pictures of you wearing them, and let's continue to storm Heaven's gates on behalf of Matt & Molly and their precious family.

And in the end, we hope and pray that we will all be witness to another example of...

God's Perfect Timing!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Need your House Cleaned?

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Just in time for the holidays...

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    Furniture – thorough dusting of tops, sides, and legs.
    Kitchen – countertops scrubbed down, sinks scoured, general cleaning of exterior of appliances and exterior of cabinets.
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Yummy & Easy... a Fundraiser!

Make your Holiday Entertaining Yummy & Easy with delicious food mixes from...

Janet, a blog reader from Iowa is graciously hosting an online Tastefully Simple Fundraiser to benefit Matt & Molly and their financial needs!

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And don’t forget the party buckets... Ruby Orange Slush Drink Mix or Samba Sangria Slush Mix make fun drinks simple to make! Drink mixes also have non-alcoholic versions.

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How about some recipes?

  • The more, the merrier! Make marvelous mini-meatballs by adding Bacon Bacon™, Onion Onion™, Seasoned Salt and sharp Cheddar cheese to your favorite meatloaf recipe. Roll into 1-inch balls; bake and serve hot, skewered with cocktail picks and cherry tomatoes.
  • Add cream cheese and chopped red bell peppers to Bruschetta Cheese Ball Mix. Chill and serve with crusty bread, crostini or crisp veggies.
  • And for a creamy crowd-pleaser, stir flaked crab or cooked cocktail shrimp into Artichoke & Spinach Warm Dip before baking. Serve hot with French bread or chips.
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  • Add cream cheese and chopped red bell peppers to Bruschetta Cheese Ball Mix. Chill and serve with crusty bread, crostini or crisp veggies.

Cranberry Orange Martini Slush

Ruby Orange Slush Drink Mix
14 oz. (1 1 3/4 cups) vodka
16 oz. (2 cups) cranberry juice or cranberry juice cocktail
About 4 cups warm water

Empty and rinse bucket; add all ingredients. Stir until dissolved

Oh My! Chai-Nog

1 scoop Oh My! Chai®
6 oz. hot water
6 oz. warm eggnog
1 oz. brandy
Whipped cream (optional)

Combine Oh My! Chai® and water in large mug. Add eggnog and brandy. Top with whipped cream for garnish, if desired. Makes 1 serving.

Rhubarb Strawberry Pie

1/2 cup strawberries
8 oz. plain yogurt
1/3 cup Rhubarb Strawberry Fruit Spread
4 oz. Cool Whip®
9-inch graham cracker pie crust

Mash fruit in bowl with yogurt and Rhubarb Strawberry Fruit Spread. Fold in Cool Whip; blend thoroughly. Spoon into pie crust and freeze at least 4 hours. Makes 6-8 servings.

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