Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Waiting...

Hello Friends,

I spoke with Molly yesterday and learned that, once again, there was not a decision announced regarding their case yesterday. 

This news brings both frustration and relief.  As expected, M&M are both exhausted with the frustration and axiety that comes with this extended period of waiting and the uncertainty that it brings to them on a daily basis.  But at the same time, Molly expressed a certain sense of relief in knowing that this decision will most likely not be reached until after the first of the year, leaving them with several weeks to "turn off" their constant anticipation of a pending decision.

For now, M&M and their sweet family are anticipating the upcoming holiday season... they are preparing a special play area in the basement for the girls as a surprise Christmas gift!  Matt will be able to enjoy an extended Christmas vacation and Molly expressed their desire to carve out plenty of special time for "just the four of us" this year. 

Please continue to pray for M&M during this special time of the year.  Molly has expressed to me on more than one occasion how sweet and sobering special occasions can be in light of Wavy's unknown future. 

So as we all await the peace and hope that Christmas and the birth of our Savior brings, I ask you to remember to pray that M&M, and their families, would be overwhelmingly filled with the peace and hope that Christ's birth brings!

Merry Christmas to all of you and on behalf of M&M, thank you for your continued interest, support, and prayerful petitions on their behalf!

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