Friday, December 11, 2009

Look Who's Praying for WavyBel...

Faithful Friends,

No decision was reached today.  M&M continue to wait and hope that they will hear news next Friday.  Please continue to pray for them... most especially for a favorable ruling NEXT FRIDAY!  How wonderful would it be if they could celebrate this Christmas in true peace and thanksgiving?!

Until then...

Look Who's Praying Today!

Saint Catherine of Siena Ladies Bible Study
Wichita, KS

Nancy Jenkins
St. Catherine of Seina Parish Secretary
Wichita, KS

Alison Boddicker & Family

Ashley & Derek Heintzelman
Kansas City

Mazzy the Cat!

7th Grade Class
Hickory Grove Baptist Christian School
Charlotte, NC

Bob & Nancy Balloun
Russell, Kansas

Janet & Caleb Stremel
Newell, Iowa

LeeAnn Williams
Baldwin City, KS

Lori Session and family
Wichita, KS

Addy, Savannah, Thomas & Joseph Bray
Olathe, Kansas

Bridgett Cotter, Christine Degen, Nancy D'Angelo

Tom & Sherri Schraeder
Overland Park, Kansas

Brian Nagel
Kansas City, Kansas

Bri and Stephen McClernon
Olathe, Kansas

Gene & Melanie Irwin
Leawood, Kansas

Emily & Noah Holtzman
Chris & Diane Wiebe
Jonah, Eliza, and Myla

Mark & Mary Ann Kuhn
Wichita, Kansas

Jim, Kyle, Joan & Melanie Tidball
Wichita, Kansas

Ava & Shaelin Newcome
(and Melissa & Gary too!)
Hutchinson, Kansas

Matt, Elizabeth, Melanie & Claire Stockemer
Wichita, Kansas

3 Sisters:
Deonne - Hutchinson, KS
Sheila - Joplin, Missouri
Bobbie - Springfield, Missouri

Bob & Leann (and son, TJ) Williams
Baldwin City, Kansas

Steve & Connie (and Brandy) Archibald
Richmond, Virginia

Carm Ludlow & Alice Wiggins
Wichita, Kansas

Keep the Pictures Coming...


Mark and Jenny said...

Prayers are coming your way. I am a teacher in Goddard and saw this request for prayers.

I am an adoptive mom and feel for you, and wil pray as much as I can that this is all over soon and you can enjoy your family.

bri said...

we love you!