Friday, December 4, 2009

No News Yet

No news today.

It's been a long few days in our house, to say the least.

When we heard earlier in the week that we might have a ruling as early as this Friday, it was something we've both looked forward to and stressed about all at the same time. So finding out that our case was not ruled on today was both a large disappointment, and in some ways, a relief.  We're disappointed because we so desperately want this all to come to an end.

Thinking back today, I was amazed when I stopped to think that we started all of this well over a year ago. In fact, this time last year we were heading into our first of several days of trial... that was probably the worst thing either of us has had to go through thus far in our lives. We really can't believe that this is still going on.

We can't believe that it takes the courts this many months to secure a future for our daughter. When we first knew this adoption would likely be contested by the birth father, we could have never imagined our daughter would be almost 1 1/2 years old and her future still be undecided.

It seems that every twist and turn along the way reminds us how not in control we are, and that this whole situation rests in the hands of someone else - not us. It's both comforting to know that ultimately God is in control of this situation and the outcome, but also difficult to trust that He is in control and all we can do is petition Him and learn to wait patiently on His timing.

We also can't believe that we're still, all things considered, a loving functioning family. There have been so many times in the last year and half where we've both sat down and thought "we'll never make it if this thing continues on for one more day!" Yet here we are getting through the day to day, enjoying both our girls and anticipating the holidays with family and friends.

Yes, there are times during almost everyday where we feel a little bit of a dark cloud over us knowing that an unfavorable decision might come, but we're also amazed daily that while that sense of fear and anxiety comes, it does not rule our lives. For that, we're thankful every day.

We're comforted daily by encouraging emails in our inbox, comments on this blog, and friends who are always ready to listen when we need to talk about all of this. We're so thankful for everyone who is supporting us in so many ways through this time. It's been such a comfort and blessing to us and is a big part of why we're able to continue on this journey. We're so thankful for all the prayers being prayed for us daily and know that God has been sustaining us as we go, helping us have wonderful moments in the midst of all of this and increasing our patience every day that we wait. Thank you all for so diligently following our journey and praying for us along the way.

On the legal side, it sounds like we just wait. For how long, we're finding out that we really don't know. We've been told everything from 3 weeks after our court hearing (this week) to 12 weeks. It seems that no one is very good at predicting when the court will rule, and it is under no obligation to rule quickly. What we do know is that when they rule, we'll find out on a Friday.

So, from here on out, the end of each week is going to carry with it an extra bit of anticipation and stress. While we covet your prayers daily, we especially covet them towards the end of each week. We'll make sure to update every Friday so everyone will know whether a decision has been made that week or not.

Thank you all again for your ongoing prayers.



stremelj said...

Here we are - Thursday evening again. Prayers coming your way as Friday approaches. Hope you receive good news tomorrow!! Janet

Lori said...

It is Friday and I am sitting here at work rubbing my Waverley braclet I wear everyday praying for your family.