Saturday, November 14, 2009

God's Timing is Perfect

I visited with Molly for a while this morning.

As we visited, she shared some of her thoughts about the timing of events related to Waverley's adoption litigation... God's timing, that is! I want to pass it on to you.

As you will see, the power of prayer is real, it is working, and God's timing is, well...


Example #1:

The day after their most grueling day in court (in their original case), Matt & Molly's attorney passed on the news that a case had just been decided. That case wasn't just any case! It was a case that they were able to use in their own court defense... one that was critical to their defense and, in all likelihood, was instrumental in their ultimate WIN!


We don't think so!

God's Timing is Perfect.

Example #2:

From Molly

"This week we received a great note from our lawyer. A case with bizarrely similar circumstances to ours was recently ruled on by the court of appeals.

In both the original case and this appeal, a case with a ruling that was critical to our defense came out just in time for us to use.

And we certainly do NOT believe this is a coincidence!

The court of appeals ruled in favor of that adoptive family!

As we have mentioned before adoption law is based on precedent.

So this is huge for us!

Now for the best part... one of the judges that ruled on this case is one of the three judges we go before on November 17th!



We don't think so!

God's Timing is Perfect.

Example #3:

Before I get to the part about the timing, let me first share with you something Molly emailed me the other night...

From Molly: My Favorite New Piece of Jewelry

To date, my favorite pieces of jewelry have been my wedding ring, and a great pair of earrings Matt bought for me several years ago.

This week a rubber bracelet has moved to the top of the list.

When I saw pictures of the bracelet with my daughter's name on it, it was one of those surreal moments where you feel like an outsider looking at your own life.

I can't believe we are in a situation where there is any reason for my little girl's name to be on a bracelet of this nature. And the fact that people care about this situation enough that we even HAVE bracelets to wear is astounding! Since we got them last Saturday I have seen two people wearing the bracelets and Matt saw some of our friends wearing them last night.

I know it is just a simple, blue, rubber bracelet, but 'oh my gosh' did that fill me with such a sense of hope and gratitude!

If this many people are praying for Waverley, I don't see how we could lose this fight! I so hope that people are reminded to pray for our precious girl when they see their bracelets.

I have been wearing MY bracelet today, and every time I see it, I just touch it for a second and close my eyes and take a whole lot of comfort. To know that we are not alone in this and that so many people are walking along side of us is incredible.

I am so happy I get to have it with me in the courtroom to remind me of all this. And as a reminder that as He has from the start, God will see us through.

Man I love this bracelet!

You may or may not know this, but I actually ordered these rubber prayer bracelets back in late August. When I ordered them, I was given a 7 day time frame for their delivery.

Obviously that didn't happen!

Shipping problems from China, the wrong color being ordered, communication problems with the company... you name it, it happened!

The end result of all of these so-called "problems" is that the bracelets ultimately did not arrive until late last week!

Because so many of you have graciously given donations and offered your prayer support, I have been scrambling to get these bracelets mailed out to everyone this week... the week before the ultimate court date! They are, after all, intended to be a visible reminder to pray for the Nagels and this is the week they need those prayers most!

After Molly shared with me how much she loved her bracelet and how comforted she was to SEE them on the wrists of people, I felt so bad that it had taken so LONG for them to arrive!

As I apologized for the long delay in getting them out to her prayer warriors, she interrupted me and said that she thought that timing was, well...


She shared that while people could certainly have been praying for the situation at large for these past months, the fact that they came so close to a time in which they needed specific prayers for their court date, was...

you guessed it...

Not a coincidence!

God's Timing is Perfect.

In 3 days, the Nagels will have their long awaited day in court. So pull out those bracelets, send me pictures of you wearing them, and let's continue to storm Heaven's gates on behalf of Matt & Molly and their precious family.

And in the end, we hope and pray that we will all be witness to another example of...

God's Perfect Timing!


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