Sunday, November 29, 2009

To all of our friends who read this blog,

I really wanted to post this message to you all on Wednesday or Thursday of last week. My sweet girls were both sick one at a time, and now I seem to have come down with something as well.  Between our long nights and my lack of energy I am sorry to just now be posting this.  We received so many kind emails and comments from people that apologized for posting a link to our old blog or for referencing our story on their personal sites.  I just wanted to take a moment to respond to that.  

We were so HAPPY that so many people responded to our first blog.  We were then, and continue to be, completely amazed by the amount of people who we know personally and people we have never met who have come along side of us and showered us with their support.  Two of the three fundraisers that were most recently held were hosted by people who do not know us at all.  Strangers have sent us kind notes and prayed for our family.  So if you have previously helped spread the word about our situation please feel the full weight of our gratitude and appreciation. 

Any prayers that were prayed on the behalf of our precious girl are worth any price we paid for them and more.  

The only reason we are asking so repeatedly for people to be cautious and less public about this particular blog is to maintain some privacy from people that we would rather not have access to our personal information.  It just feels intrusive and somewhat defeating. So once more, please hear loud and clear that Matt and I are thankful everyday for your prayerful participation in the positive outcome of this situation. We are so glad you are with us on the journey! Thank you for walking this road with us.


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