Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Time is NOW!!!

Guess what is FINALLY here...

Just a tip... do not ever voluntarily order something from China! Do "Made in the USA" even if it is more expensive!


"For the Love of Waverley"
Prayer Bracelets!

And now, more than EVER, Matt and Molly need your prayers and support!


Because in less than 2 weeks, they will have their long-awaited day in court...

the day in which their attorney will have a mere 20 minutes to convince a panel of judges that Waverley should be parented by Matt & Molly and remain in the home in which she has lived for nearly 17 months - her WHOLE life!

The date: November 17th

As that date draws nearer, so too does Matt & Molly's anxiety and fear.

So now, more than ever, I am asking you to lift up Matt & Molly in prayer.

Over the next few weeks, Molly will be providing me with specific ways in which you can direct your prayers, but for now, I simply ask you to remember this sweet family and their cause in your daily prayers.

And to remind yourself to pray constantly, consider getting a "For the Love of Waverley" prayer bracelet! 100% of the donations from these bracelets will go directly to the "Help Matt & Molly" fund to assist in alleviating a small portion of the financial hardship this legal battle has caused.

As you might imagine, the impending court date also means that new legal bills will be coming... only adding to those that currently exist. So many of you have been so generous in not only praying for the Nagels, but also by supporting them with a financial donation. As I mentioned in the previous post (A Window into Waverley's World), your generosity is something that will be forever cherished by the Nagels.

But there is still more work that can be done...

and the time to do it is NOW!

I urge you to consider helping me to sell ALL of the "For the Love of Waverley" prayer bracelets! I have approximately 250 unclaimed bracelets... all of which could go to one of you, to your family member, to your friend, to your church member, to your co-worker, to your neighbor... to someone who would pray for the Nagels!

If you have not yet ordered a bracelet, please contact Danielle at, or make a secure donation to the "Help Matt & Molly Fund" through the PayPal option available on this blog.

But don't just get ONE....

Get a Wrist-Full!

Consider taking a "wrist-full", wearing them, and sharing the Nagels story with your friends, family, neighbors.... anyone who might be willing to pray for them! Any donations that you get for sharing your bracelets can go directly to Matt & Molly!

One friend took a "wrist-full" to her bible study today and generated 15 prayer warriors and $80 in financial support!

If you are interested in the "wrist-full" operation, please email Danielle at and let me know how many you would like to have!

And lastly, to those who have already ordered bracelets or made donations, your bracelets will be coming in the mail very soon!

Once you get them, if you want to, you can SHOW Matt & Molly just how many people are praying for them in the coming weeks...

Send me a picture of you or your family WEARING your bracelets! I will be posting "Praying for Waverley" pictures on this blog site as a visual reminder to the Nagels of just HOW much prayer support they are getting during these unsettling weeks! You can email your picture to!

Also, please start checking this blog on a daily basis as I have several fun fundraising opportunities that will be posted in the upcoming days... great ideas for holiday gifts!

And as I mentioned, Molly will be providing me with some specific ways in which you can direct your prayers as the court date draws nearer... with some cute pictures of the prayer subject herself!

As always, THANK YOU for your continued support!

With gratitude,


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