Wednesday, March 3, 2010


We spoke to our lawyer Kevin on Monday and we did not care for anything he said.  I have never been mad at a state before, but I am officially furious with the state of Kansas. 

Let me fill you in on the timeline for the Supreme Court of Kansas to decide if they are going to hear our case or not:

They can and will take as long as they would like to decide if they want to hear our case.  


From the cases we looked at that the court decided to hear or not to hear they took anywhere from four to ten months to decide.  FOUR. TO. TEN. MONTHS.  They could take less.  They could take longer.  If they decide to hear the case it will just go on from there.  

I could go on a bit here. But I am not going to. I am getting too angry.  So I will post a few more thoughts and details in the next day or two.  

Please pray for us as we try to handle settling into this new wait and the huge disappointment that we will most likely not be able to finish this by Wavybel's second birthday.  We are having a very hard time digesting that.  Thank you.


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Chris and Diane said...

by the way - i just wanted to commiserate (though i don't know that it's the right word to use, it just sounds cool to use a big one) with you that it certainly does stink a big ole stinky one that there is no timeline. as i was typing that, i felt in my spirit Dad saying, "they have no timeline, but i know what it is. there is an end and i am faithful to hold them up through it all." so there you have it... tonight i'm pr-ing for you to have a day filled with great joy and tucked snuggly under His steady, sturdy, seeing of all time wing.