Thursday, March 4, 2010

the bait

As I mentioned in the last post we have been having a hard time getting back into the mentality of waiting and getting past the disappointment that the end does not appear near as we had hoped that it was.  Tonight I am cheering myself up a bit by looking at some cute pictures of our girls. They really are amazing little people with tender hearts and sweet dispositions.  Tonight Wavybel was tucking her monkey in next to her in the crib as I was putting her to bed.  She gently covered monkey up with a blanket and said in a sing-songy voice, "Night night monkey. Hug (hugged him). Kiss (kissed him). Paci (offered her pacifier to him)."  Then she laid her head down and rubbed her cheek with monkey's hand.  Earlier today the girls were hugging and Harper was telling Wave what a good girl she was and saying, "you're my little sweetie pie!"  These are the sweet moments that I am savoring tonight.  The I'm-so-frustrated posts can wait for another time I'm sure.  Here are a few cute pictures of Wavy that made me smile.  I'm offering them up as bait so that you will hopefully stay interested and not give up on us through all of these ups and downs! We wouldn't have made it this far without you.  



Chris and Diane said...

the pictures are fun....but just for the record, no bait necessary! we're with you 100% - committed til the end...and then some. we love you guys and have no intention of forgetting about you all. you're just too unforgettable. (i had to add the cheese at the end....hehe)

Sarah B said...

This is kind of funny...but I had every intention of posting a comment that said, "No bait necessary! We are with you till the end...standing and praying." But then, look--my sister wrote just that. So all I need to say is DITTO!!

Jackie said...

Thinking of you guys and praying just as hard as ever! The pictures are adorable beyond words, but I must second the other posters! "No bait necessary!"