Saturday, March 6, 2010

Winners (I Should Be Fired!)

It's true.

If keeping up with my blogging duties were my job, I would for sure be FIRED!

I know I promised raffle winners, um...  last Friday!

Hence, the reason I should be fired!

I have to plead gettingreadytohaveababyanyday, gettingsickfortheumpteenthtime, reorganizingandswitchingkidsroomsin5days, and planningmyson's5thbirthdaypartytoday as my defense :)

At any rate...

THANK YOU to all who so generously donated to the most recent Fundraising raffles!  You were able to provide M&M with the funds to be able to make yet another legal payment.

Without further ado...


Quilt donated by Carla Timberlake


Please contact Carla at to make arrangements to get your lovely quilt.

Cottage Care Carpet Cleaning


Please contact Brian at Cottage Care at 913-469-0220 to arrange your carpet cleaning up to $125 in value.


I realize I have... um, no creditability when I say this...


Please do stay tuned for new fundraising opportunities coming soon!

We are planning a March Madness Bracket fundraiser, some new raffles (cute kids things), and a special event in the KC area where those of you in the area can go to meet M&M and their two sweet girls.

I just may have to ask for some help in blog posting given my defense #1 (gettingreadytohaveababyanyday) up above :)

Thank you again for continuing to walk this journey with the Nagel's
and for forgiving my severe lack of follow through on my blog postings :)

With gratitude,


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