Thursday, February 25, 2010

Raffle Drawings Delayed...

Generous Friends,

I know I was supposed to draw the winning raffle tickets on Tuesday...

I know today is Thursday!

I had a few last entries and I wanted to make sure that I was able to accomodate everyone who wanted to contribute to the cause...


I will be drawing the winning tickets tomorrow morning - FRIDAY!  So if you still want to enter the raffles, email me TODAY at!

I wanted to verify that I have recorded everyone who pledged to contribute.  Please review the lists below and let me know if I have missed your name!

Quilt Raffle:
Janet S. - 10 tickets
Bri M. - 5 tickets
Laura B. - 10 tickets
Michelle B. - 11 tickets
Elizabeth S. - 10 tickets
Andrea T. - 10 tickets
Kellie M. - 5 tickets
Melissa N. - 5 tickets
Barbara S. - 5 tickets
Susan D. - 25 tickets
Lori L. - 11 tickets

Carpet Cleaning Raffle:
Bri M. - 5 tickets
Michelle B. - 10 tickets

Thanks in advance to everyone who is helping the cause...

GOOD LUCK and I promise to post winners tomorrow!


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