Monday, February 1, 2010

The Icing on the Cake (or Valentine House!)


This is Danielle posting again...

I hope you have had an opportunity to read the post that Molly posted this morning... it not only contains pictures of a too-cute-for-words Wavybel, but also gives some details regarding their most recent "miraculous" win and what lies ahead in terms of making Wavy's adoption FINAL!

There are 20 days left before the time period in which the birthfather can make a final appeal expires.

20 days...

I have received so many emails from Wavybel supporters over the past few weeks sharing their excitement over this most recent WIN, but also asking how they can continue to help.

I have to say, I am amazed...

Amazed by how many people, many (if not most) of them strangers to M&M, have come together to pray for this little girl and her family...

Amazed by the enormity of the generosity that exists among those supporters...

Amazed by the continued offers to help...

Amazed by the emotional and financial relief that we, working as the Body of Christ, have been able to give to M&M and their family!

Quite simply... just amazed!

In a world where it seems like all you hear and see is "bad news" and negativity, being a witness to this little bit of "amazing-ness" has inspired me and given me a renewed faith in people!


As you might imagine, long after Wavy's court case is finalized (and I do believe it WILL be finalized!), the true finanical cost of this battle will linger on.  The legal work continues and the bills continue to come in.  We have been able to help tremendously in eliminating a portion of those bills, but sadly, justice does come at quite a steep price!

So to those of you who have emailed asking "How can I continue to help?" (and to everyone else!), here's how...

First and foremost, continue to PRAY

Pray that the birthfather will be completely selfless and acknowledge that it is in the best interest of Wavy to stay in her home... that he would relinquish his parental rights by choosing NOT to pursue an appeal to the Kansas Supreme Court.

Pray that M&M would be able to be at peace for the next 20 days... not allowing fear and uncertainty to taint their time of celebration.

Pray that Wavy's adoption would be FINALIZED as soon as possible so that her name will be officially and forever changed to reflect the family that has claimed her, loved her, raised her, and prayed for her since the day she was born!

Secondly, please continue to donate to the "Help Matt & Molly Fund" in whatever capacity you are able to give.  The PayPal donation button remains available for donations on this blog.  There will also be several new fundraisers being posted on this blog in the coming days and months.  Please check back often to see if there is something that you might be of interest to you!

Wouldn't it just be the ICING ON THE CAKE if we were able to put a BIG dent in those legal bills over the next 20 days?!?!

Let's pull together and give it a go! 

It is when many people come together, giving just a little, that BIG things are accomplished!

So, without further ado, let's kick off "20 days of giving" with a sweet, new fundraiser...

The Icing on the Cake (or Valentine House)!

How precious is this Valentine Candy House?

This work of tasty art was donated by a WavyBel supporter and is completly HAND-MADE!

Looking for something extra sweet and special to give to your Valentine this year? 



Buy a raffle ticket!

Single Tickets - $1 each
5 Tickets - $4
12 Tickets - $10

100% of the proceeds will go directly to the
"Help Matt & Molly Fund"

Wavybel will draw the winning ticket on FRIDAY!

If you are interested in purchasing a raffle ticket, please email Vicki at by Friday!

For delivery purposes,
this fundraiser is limited to the K.C. area.


Thank you again for your continued support!  And please check back daily to check for new fundraisers, pictures, and updates!

Let's make the next 20 days 20 Days of Giving to the "Help Matt & Molly Fund"!

Danielle for M&M

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