Thursday, March 1, 2012

Whiskers On Kittens

Good Things That I am Enjoying Lately (in no particular order):

Being Friends With Babies -- I am happy to be enjoying a relationship with several babies right now.  There is a young man in my life (8 months old) that is quite agreeable and happy in general.  I like to pretend like he is directing that straight at me.  I just love and adore him.  I get to see quite a bit of him along with the rest of his family.  This pleases me.  I am also spending time Monday through Thursday with a friend of mine who has a two year old and baby twins born 11-11-11.  That means sometimes I hold two babies AT ONCE.  I take Harper with me and she has the sweetest, warmest voice she reserves just for babies.  It is so precious.  She frequently asks me when she gets to have a baby of her own at our house.  I am asking the same question.  We are so ready.  If you are a pray-er please pray that we have such a babe soon.

Cadbury Chocolate Eggs -- once a year a marvelous confection comes to the store and stays until Easter.  I'm talking about candy-coated eggs made of delicious milk chocolate.  They are stupidly expensive but worth the indulgence.  Hold on while I eat a few.  Magic.

My Oily Face -- I have started washing my face with oil.  Castor oil and sunflower seed oil to be specific. You massage it in for a few minutes then steam it off with a warm wash cloth.  Make up is easily removed.  You just do it and night and just use a little water in the morning.  It is a part of my night time ritual that I really look forward to.  I didn't wash my face at night for a couple of years (sorry, Mom) and I feel glad to get back to it.  I am also about to start washing my hair  with a baking powder potion, and I am quite liking the journey towards using some things around the house and in my beauty regimens that are more simple and natural. I'm happy to report these things also end up being super cheap.  Double win.

Downton Abbey -- Well, it's over now.  I am pining for the third season already.  If you haven't watched this show you need to.  Find the first season streaming on Netflix or check it out from the library.  It's not they type of thing I would typically fall for, but I miss the characters like they are my friends.  Which is totally lame; I realize this.

Reading -- Oh the happiness of a good book.  Of late I have enjoyed The Night Circus (I can't remember the author), Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist, and The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella.  Right now I am tackling The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard which is great but makes my brain hurt.  

Mama-ing Harper -- The word "mothering" sounds so doldrum doesn't it?  I am having a great time watching her mind at work.  She is delightful at every moment.  Except for the moments when she is whining or pouting.  Which thankfully is not too often.  She loves chapter books about fairies, the Wild Kratts on PBS, playing with her Barbies, clothes with a little bit of sparkle, clothes with a lot of sparkle, and crossing things off of her check-lists.  I recently had my wisdom teeth out and she was quite the nurse.  She kept coming into my room asking me what I needed, bringing me things, touching my cheeks, and peering at me with concern.  The first night after the extraction she told me to wake her up in the night if I needed anything.  Then she whispered to Matt and told him not to be grumpy if I woke him up.  This was both kind and astute of her :)  This morning I had a headache and she made certain I would be okay without her before she left for school.  She is such a care taker.  She plays with her "kids" aka dolls and they are forever in trouble.  They can really exasperate her.  They don't have names unless you put her on the spot at which point she will come up with a good name on the fly.  Like Donna.  Or Jasinkaty. You know.  Standard stuff.

Quiet Moments Preparing for Easter -- in this time of Lent I am intentionally taking some down time to focus on the significance of this season.  I am trying to experience the beauty and sweetness of it.  It's a time of pain that ends in joy.  A time of renewal.  A whole season leading up to the exclamation "He is risen indeed!"  I want to engage in the hope and promise found in the story completed.  

Life is full of goodness because He is good.  I hope you are experiencing some of that goodness yourself.


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