Monday, March 19, 2012

sooner or later it's bound to go down -- just like this

You know when people have those crazy stories where they declare something online and then it happens?  Some kind of internet daydream turned reality?  I JUST read several accounts of people saying that they wished something would go down a specific way and then it happened JUST LIKE THAT.  So I thought I should jot down some notes about my own desires -- wouldn't it be the best if right after they were recorded on the tomes of the internet I got to come back and say wow it happened to me?

**insert harp strumming segue and images with cloudy edges**

Tuesday, March 20th I would be going about my business when my phone would ring.  A number that looks familiar but that I can't quite place comes across caller ID.  It's our agency.  We've been placed.  A child will be born May 5th and the birth family has picked us to be the parents and big sister.  I cry and gasp and cry.  I happen to be looking fabulous in these shoes that I would like to own.  
I pick up Harper from school.  Since getting off the phone with our agency I have called the sleep clinic at Children's Mercy and postponed her appointment.  In this particular scenario her insomnia isn't turning anyone into a zombie.  We go tell Matt at work using fun props like gigantic balloons and funny t-shirts.  We all cry and jump around.  He leaves work and we go meet the birth family for coffee.  It's a match made in heaven.  We all love each other. 

Next we embark on an all expense paid shopping spree getting some new baby bedding and spring clothes.  We're laughing and gaily throwing things in the cart.  Wipes, diapers, crib sheets, merriment.  Maybe Matt is wearing some good looking glasses I've never seen before.  Harper's favorite song is playing over the speakers and she has a sweet dance routine going for the other shoppers while we check out.  

We go to bed and every person sleeps well in her own bed.  When we wake up the next morning we realize it was all real and proceed accordingly.



Jami Nato said...

a girl can dream.

and also, melatonin? natural? amazing? sure you've heard of it and you are annoyed at me for mentioning it but we use it for lila and it's incred.

Jessica Blake said...

it's March 23rd....when you said March 20th you actually meant to type a "3" instead of a "2"...praying for March 30th...just to see if maybe Jesus wants to show off. :)

Pipsylou said...

I am sitting here reading your post crying. What is wrong with me? It's going to be March 30. My 33rd birthday. Jesus was 33 when he died, so that freaks me out a little bit...I'm not saying that I'm Jesus or anything, but...well, HELLO, pressure!

Also, Norah Jones was born on March 30, same year, and Eric Clapton was born on March 30 in 1945.

March 30. Best day ever.

You are going to get the call on March 30 for the cinco de Mayo baby.

Also: I sent you a really funny note some time ago but apparently you don't live on 118th street, or there were too many stickers on the envelope for the mail man to see.

either way, i need your current address.

Anonymous said...

Praying for sooner rather than later! Also, I have this saying, "God has a plan for everything, for me, I know it. I just wish he'd let ME in on it!" This time is the hardest to remember He does have a plan, but having to wait to find out what it is. It is not fun. Praying for you guys!

Kelsey said...

I'm with my sis - March 30th! Praying for that!