Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Home Study Visit (it's tomorrow)

alternately titled Cuss Word, Why Did I Say Yes to This?

It is 11:38AM.  I just read an email I received from the woman writing our home study.  She sent it last night.  She listed three options (all this week) that she could come out.  She also gave us the option of picking a later/different date if those didn't work out.  I of course want to keep things moving (you might remember I am praying for a 2011 cherub).  So I just emailed back saying yes, come tomorrow at 8:30 tomorrow morning.  Do I hate myself?  Have you ever been to my house?  

This afternoon I have to do book keeping for my accounting job.  Later this afternoon I am going to my administrator job for a bit, then to a baby shower at 7.  When will I be going through every room in my house making it look amazing and welcoming?  Read about what people typically do for a home study here when my beautiful friend Kelsey shares her account of how she prepared for hers.  Was she completely neurotic, and did she go totally over board? Definitely.  That's what we all do.  We're adoptive mamas.  Some people light candles, put on lingerie, limber up, and woo their husbands into an act that could lead to some conception.  Not us adoptive parents. We scour kitchens and bathrooms with toothbrushes, try to create an outfit that looks stylish/responsible/loving, and make muffins trying to woo an adoptive case manager into wanting to match us perfectly to exactly the right adoption situation.

No problem I keep telling myself as I look around at my messy house and overflowing hamper.  I'll just try to host this visit in the garage.  It's the cleanest part of our house right now.  Or I'll just have her linger in the kitchen while I casually open the pantry and then just frame myself in its doorway because I cleaned it up last week.  With fresh paint and everything.  Which seemed brilliant at the time.  However now the thought, "why the hell was I painting the pantry when I should have been having the carpets cleaned and the broken window fixed??"  

I was planning on just doing some light vacuuming and dusting, and a minor pick up.  I smirked a few times thinking how overboard I had gone for our first two home study visits.  I affectionately reminisced about being a younger, newer mom.  I thought about how much I freaked out and how laid back I was this time about going through this process.  Until I read that email.  Now I am coming completely unhinged.  

Oh well, even if I stay up all night power washing the outside of my house in the night, it will be worth it.  If you feel like praying for us at 8:30 tomorrow morning that would be very cool.

Much love and a heart full of crazy,


Pipsylou said...


bri-bri said...

I LOVE YOU! wish i wasn't at work now so i could come and help. and if i didn't have stuff going on tonight, you know i'd be there. text me if you're in a panic. maybe i can come over late if you need a helper and you'll be up anyway. SO EXCITED!!! be sure to mention that the baby already has a best friend located around the corner. salem is looking forward to taking advantage of that fact even though you and i fail to do so. :)

Kelsey said...

Ha. Thanks for the shout out...or rather for calling me neurotic and overboard. 8:30am IS rather ambitious, I'd say. Let me know if you get overwhelmed and need some help tonight! As you so sweetly pointed out, I'm a complete package - readily equipped with some neurosis and OCD to contribute. :)

Doublemint Designs said...

Prayers to you! So happy to read excited Molly posts! I know your home study will go great!
Here's to a 2011 cherub! :)

Matt said...

What?! No candles, lingerie and wooing? Let's not get carried away.

Sonya said...

Once the home study person meets you, they will KNOW that yours will be an excellent home in which to place a little one. Your home will be yourself. Will of course be praying.

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Unfortunately, I just read this post! So I missed the 8:30 am prayer time. BUT I wanted to tell you that it doesn't matter whether your house is clean or messy... there is absolutely NO way that anyone can't see the love that you and Matt have for your children... even if there is laundry overflowing from the hamper! And it doesn't hurt that you're pretty cute too :) Hoping it went well and joining in your prayer for a Christmas miracle this year!

chris and diane said...

how did it go??? :)

Katy said...

I missed your 8:30 too but I know you passed with flying colors. Praying for your Christmas angel!