Sunday, October 9, 2011

kicking asses and taking names

We are feeling happy and hopeful for the future that is to come.  We are so elated to be adding to our family.  Harper has taken to frequently asking when she is going to have a new baby brother or sister.  We have completed the home study application and are now beginning to work on our profile (more on that later) and our to do lists.  The agency that will renew our home study estimates about a month to do the home visit, review the materials we've turned in, and write the report (The Home Study).  I know it would have to happen extremely quickly, but I would love nothing more than to have a baby to celebrate Christmas with this year.  It is my extravagant prayer.  I know it is unlikely, but I am praying it anyway.

Now we are starting to kick it into a higher gear to do some things that have been on our to do list way too long.  Today, Matt cleaned out the garage.  It was a DISASTER.  No cars could be parked inside.  A jungle of junk covered one entire side.  I wondered if a possum or raccoon could be lurking out there waiting for me.  Now for the first time since we've moved in, it's so cleaned out that there are two cars in the garage!  Yes!  When Matt crossed it off The List I thought with a gleeful determination, "We are kicking asses and taking names." Yes, a clean garage is critical to bringing home a new babe.  Critical I tell you. As is changing the tricky-to-buy-the-right-size-bulb Hall Light Bulb.  As is a freshly painted kitchen.  Babies notice things, people.

We have a fair amount of work to do in what will be our nursery.  That thought makes me smile.  It's time to do the fun stuff now.  When Wavy's nursery had been empty, quiet, and still for about six months and I was sick of having to pass that awful closed door a million times a day I came up with something that has helped us so much.  We switched Harper into that room and filled it back up with a little, happy, person.  So now that room doesn't fill me with dread and pain each time I go by, and I won't have to try to use it as a nursery where it would have been hard for it to feel like anything other than Waverley's room.  So Harper's old room will be the nursery as it was when Harper was a baby.  That seems much more livable to me.   I am going to get a few new things that will make me feel like this is a brand new chapter in our family, and where I won't be fearful or anxious of our future until the finalization of this new child's adoption.  I'm sure a new contoured changing pad and a crib sheet or two can do all of that, right?

If you feel at all inclined to pray for us, I would ask that you pray for the future of our family in general, for peace for the birth family as they make their adoption plans, for the health and safety of this baby, for a speedy process to the baby, for a stable adoptive situation that we can finalize as soon as the courts allow.

Thank you!!

With love,


E and K said...

A few things...

1. I am SO excited for you and your growing family. We wait with you, excited to meet the newest member of your family.

2. It is clear that we definitely need to get together this week to help each other complete (or at least start) some home projects. Excited that we can keep each other motivated (and convince each other to throw away...or file...the stacks of papers in our kitchens).

3. For your sake, I love that you guys can park in the garage now. For my sake, how will I ever know when you are home to play?? :)

Loving the enthusiasm of this post!--Ky

Jami Nato said...

man, God is so great. i think about you guys and what you've been through...and in a picture of grace that only God can give, you're adopting again. it's pretty major.

Katy said...

Hi Molly,
I will continue to pray for you and your family, and hope that you will get a new addition by the end of the year. Good luck, my prayers are with you! I love reading your posts!

Anonymous said...

How exciting (and terrifying). Our family will be praying as you begin another adoption process. A baby by Christmas? God is big enough! Our home study was done in 6 weeks from the initial phone call to Bethany Christian Services to the Director signing off on our papers. It can be done! =)