Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Home Study. Check.

Well! Last week we had our home study.  I would say it went very well.  We really liked the person that came out and visited us.  In true Matt and Molly style I over talked and Matt sporadically interjected a  thought or two.  In the next three-ish weeks our home study will be completed.  It is out of our hands at this point.  The agency is just compiling the information and writing it into the required format (required under Kansas law for the completion of your adoption).  We will have a chance to review, edit, and resubmit it.

During these weeks we will be working on our profile.  This is the document birth families review when they are selecting a family for their child.  The profile includes pictures of us, a letter we write to the birthmother/birth family, and information about what our interest, hobbies, lifestyle is like.

Hopefully there is something we will include that will connect us to the birth family.  A birth mother for instance might choose a family that lives in the country because she always day dreamed about what it would be like to live in on a farm.  That's obviously just an example, but you see what I mean.

It is important (obviously!!) that the birth family can gain some sense of calm or peace about the family they are choosing.  This is a first step towards that.  I just think about the choice this woman is making and how hard it must be to make initial choices about the future of your child based on a paper version of a family.  I am in complete awe of the courage and strength birth mothers exhibit.  We are currently praying for our birthmother and child all of the time.  She is making some crazy/impossible/amazing choices.

I am spending a lot of time day dreaming about what this new addition to our family will be like.  I am ready for some sweet baby smiles in my day.  For some reason I am completely convinced it will be a boy.  I cannot seem to even entertain the idea that it would be a girl.  I have been buying boy clothes.  This totally flies in the face of my generally rational and frugal ways.  I don't care.  I am too enthralled with the notion of having another tiny person in our house again to be deterred.  I am buying winter clothes for a tiny dude.  I'm hoping that it will be like a "if you build it, they will come" situation and that I can put these things to use soon.  I'm praying God will make it so.

With love and visions of tiny blue sleepers dancing in my head,


Jessica Blake said...

Love these new prayers. We're praying these things along side of you! can't wait to hear the progress!

Kelsey said...

yay! BABIES! and winter babies are the best because it's so cold out and all you want to do is stay inside and snuggle their sleepy little bodies. I'm totally on board with the self-fulfilling prophesy of buying winter baby boy clothes. do it! do it!