Wednesday, September 28, 2011

our guy

Just a quick post about someone I adore.

Matt has been an amazing dad since day one.  You know those awful first dirty diapers in the hospital? That tar-like poop? Both times I would be changing those first diapers of the girls' and he would come over and cringe and say, "she's okay right?" then shudder and walk away.  Then a minute later he'd repeat this whole process.  I have no idea why that has stuck with me, it's just one of those snapshots that you have in your head.

Matt was fabulous when she was a baby, but you should see him now.  My hope for all children is that they would have dads like Matt.  Last night he worked super late. When he got home he was so disappointed he hadn't gotten to spend time with Harper that evening.  He kept going in her room to look at her and smile and pat her.  Then he'd come in our room and say, "I really want to wake her up so I can hold her and talk to her for a minute."

Matt and Harper have all kinds of things that they love to do together.  They make up funny little games in the car.  They go special places together.  They have special inside jokes.  Sometimes he leaves her little cards on her pillow.  She thinks these are wonderful.  She loves the surprise of it.  I read them to her as I put her to bed.  The night before last he left her one.  He told her he loves her, and that he is so so proud of her for starting to learn how to read and for being good at riding her scooter.

Be still my heart.  This man.


Kelsey said...

Oh I love the look on Harper's face as she looks up at her daddy! So sweet!

Jami Nato said...

what a great dude. ya, i said dude. bringin' it back!