Wednesday, August 18, 2010

29 Days Out

The good thing about my anxiety high: cleaner closets.  Also, random low priority level project completion.  Now if I could just do things that matter like returning phone calls and emails... I might be a horrible communicator right now, but if you are mad at me about it come over and I will wash your clothes in my homemade laundry detergent to make it up to you :)


Sonya said...

Certanly couldn't be mad at you. However, wish I lived closer so I could vring my laundry over for any kind of detergent.

Love you all,

Sonya said...

opps--should proof better--meant bring my laundry.

Yia Yia said...

Love you 4 so, so much. I am privileged to walk this walk w/you. You are amazing. God is always good, and He will prevail. He owns time and knows the exact day, minute, second this will come to completion. I am trusting Him like I never have before to keep our family whole. XOXOXOXOXO