Tuesday, August 31, 2010

16 Days Out

In happy news we have recovered some of our lost pictures.  I will now post Wavy's second birthday pictures followed by any other pictures taken in the last three months that fill my heart with happiness.  "Hmmm.  This is a little self indulgent, " I hear you thinking to yourself.  Absolutely. "She knows and is doing it anyway?" you are now asking yourself with a sad shake of your head.  That's right.  I sure am.

"I'm two." Wave tells everyone that she is two.  She says so somberly while holding up her peace sign.  Generally in response to anything.  

A few more pictures of one of the prettiest faces I know.


Sonya said...

Love the pictures. How precious. I wear my bracelet everyday. Love to answer questions about it.

Praying always.

Love you all,

Molly said...

Sonya you are the best. Much love to you.

Megs said...

I want to print out that 2nd to last picture and put it on my fridge a reminder of what inner peace can look like.