Tuesday, August 24, 2010

23 Days Out

I would definitely say I (Molly) have hit the heightened sensitivity and cry-at-everything stage of the pre-trial countdown.  I am back in that spot where I cry at EVERYTHING.  Sad story: cry. Touching story: cry. The girls singing the Toyota Swagger Wagon song in the backseat of the car: cry. See... it doesn't take much! I just hate the fragile state we are in.  That the worst thing in the world that could happen to someone, losing a child, is a possible reality for our family continues to take my breath away.

I wanted to thank anyone reading this for the encouragement we receive on such a regular basis.  I get the nicest messages and texts from my girlfriends and sister who know I have a tendency to drop off the face of the earth when I'm not doing well.  I see people who didn't know they would see me that day wearing their "For the Love of W" bracelets and it lifts my spirits in a way I can't describe.  A girl I have not talked to since high school came through my coffee shop the other day and we said hello to each other.  Later that week she came through the drive way and was crying in empathy as she told me she had learned about our situation.  I keep thinking about that and feeling so touched that she would be that moved on our behalf (love you Katie).  So I just wanted to remind you how thankful I am for the awesome friends and family and blog readers (!) we have who do so much to care for us as we stagger towards our date with the Kansas Supreme Court.  Thank you for hanging in there with us for the last two years.  I shudder to think where we would be without you.  We are more grateful for you now than ever.



Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Been thinking of you often. Your name comes up randomly all the time in places you can't even imagine. I was at a Willow House party in Hutchinson last week, and a party attendee asked me if I was the one who did the "W" blog. When I told her yes, she went on to tell me that she continues to follow the story and prays for you constantly. Another one... I called the ProLife committee chairperson at our church a few days before the primary elections to visit with her about handing out ProLife voter guides after church. Before even discussing the topic at hand, she asked me how you guys were doing and told me that she had lost the blog address and desperately wanted to have it again so that she could continue to journey with you. She assured me of her prayers for you and reminded me that Martin Bauer had assisted her in a legal battle to retain custody of her son. Another one... I visited with a friend from Austin the other day and she asked me how you were doing. And finally, I got an email several days ago from a friend requesting the blog address again. Just thought you should know that you are cared for, loved, and prayed for by countless people you don't know in places far away!

Keeping you in our constant prayers,

P.S. I cry all the time too and I don't have a reason (other than lack of sleep and postpartum hormones!)

Chris and Diane said...

we're with you....following you...loving you....praying for you.