Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wavybel's Big Sister

So this blog is about Wave and our journey through her adoption. Which means I don't put much about our firstborn on here.  The downside of that is you might not know something important about Miss Wave.  She has the most amazing big sister.  

A huge part of Wavy's day is made up of her relationship with our oldest daughter Harper.  Harper has a really loving personality so even though they absolutely have their moments, considering they are almost two and almost four, these two get along beautifully.  When Wavybel was born Harper was incredibly tender and sweet with her.  She is concerned if Wave is hurt, mad at Matt and I if Wave is in trouble, and calls Wave the sweetest pet names.  Great examples of this are when Wave needs something Harper will get it for her without being asked and then say "Here you go, You Little Honey Bee."  Sometimes when Harper likes Wave's outfit she'll say, "you're just beautiful You Sweet Little Cutie Pie." During those times I just revel in happiness that sweet things like that go down in my very own house.

Harper is Wave's greatest translator.  Some of her best interpretive work has been "Wavy wants to read Jesse Bear What Will You Wear," "She's saying she wants to go down the neighbor's slide," and "She wants to listen to Baby Cheetahs, not Baby Meerkats."  Each time she translates we look to Wave to see if Harper got it right and without fail Wave nods solemnly.  

Harper is an amazing sister, and that is just one her many beautiful traits.  Harper is compassionate, hilarious, full of personality, smart, a conversationalist, and a sports fan.  She loves playing hard and being active.  She also lives for dressing in fancy clothes.  She is into dress up and princesses.  She wears a skirt under her nightgown and only wears pants under duress.  "Princesses don't wear pants" is her steadfast rule.  She dances like a rockstar and drives a Barbie ATV.  She listens to The Wiggles, Johnny Cash, and Queen.  What I'm trying to say is she is perfect.

A lot of days, Harper wakes up with a look in her eyes and I know I am in for it.  Our days are not perfect. She knows just how to push my buttons and seems to enjoy doing it.  The other day Wave screamed from the tub where she and her sister usually play quite nicely together.  I rushed in and Harper had poured a huge bucket of water over Wavy's head.  "What are you doing??" I asked.  "Well, I'm pretending to be Miss LaTonya (H's hair dresser) so I'm going to need to wash Wavy's hair now" came her response. As if it couldn't be more obvious.  She tells me what's for with her hands on her hips and life isn't easy if she isn't getting her own way.  But I could not love anyone more than these two amazing girls.  On our worst days I love these kids so much that it is ridiculous.  

Last night it was storming out.  Harper is quite afraid of thunder and lightning.  In the middle of the night I woke up to two skinny arms sliding around my neck and a little body snuggling up to me.  Harper kissed my cheek and said, "Don't worry Mommy, I'm not afraid of thunder."  I just smiled in the dark.  Every day I count my blessings that I don't just have two little girls but these exact, specific girls because there are none better, and I can't believe they are my very own daughters.  I hope everyone who reads this has the joy of knowing that their family was perfectly created.  Each person meant for the other.  I know that is true of mine.  I just wanted to give you some insight into the rest of Wave's family.  So you know who she is sharing her life with us.  And to remind you that the only place for her is with us, her family.

Thanks for reading. Love, 


Danielle said...

Oh Molly... what a sweet testament to Harper! She certainly does sound perfect and her love for her little sister is obvious! I wish I could say that Noah talks that sweetly to his little sister... that is a rarity!

We continue to pray that little Miss Wave will stay right where she was "perfectly created" to be... in your sweet and loving family!

Much love to all...

Kansas said...

I read this post with tears of joy, gratitude and overwhelming humility that I am so privileged to know this special little person.

What a gift to read this today and remember why I love that little girl so much!

Kelly "Lauren"