Monday, May 10, 2010

2 fun things to share today:

1.  In follow up to the last few posts about the amazing benefit dinner Coach's held for us, we are able to pay off one of our three forms of debt.  We have two credit cards and a personal loan to pay back.  We are happy to say we will now only have one credit card to pay off instead of two!!  Hooray!!! Yay!!! A moment please while I gleefully dance around and cheer in the kitchen by myself right now...  And -- done!  We are keeping a lot of the money aside to pay for a bill we are expecting any day now, but we are still able to put a nice amount towards that credit card and kiss it goodbye forever! What a feeling!  Thank you again to everyone who made that possible.

2.  A Wave anecdote: On Wavy's first birthday she received a book from Aunt Judy (who always picks the best ones) that is a sweet illustrated version of Hush Little Baby.  Obviously the baby is crying in a lot of the pictures.  On each page Wave looks at the baby's mouth and says, "baby crying" or "baby screaming" along with whatever other observations she shares with me.  On the last pages when he stops crying she says, "baby quiet!"  Wavybel also loves fruit snacks with her whole heart.  She talks about them all day long.  Today when we were reading she kept insisting "baby fruit snacks" and pointing to his mouth.  Finally through the process of elimination (me asking questions, Wave nodding yes or no emphatically) I determined that Wavy is convinced the baby is crying because he wants fruit snacks.  Then she fed him a lot of imaginary fruit snacks and said, "Happy.  Happy." How could it get any better than that?

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bri-bri said...

i love, love, love your girls. harper is a fantastic big sis!