Thursday, July 5, 2012

say for me love

I have a strong affinity for the Avett Brothers.  I have been listening to the song "Living of Love" over and over again.

(If you want to hear it)

Lyrics to Living Of Love :

For just one chance to find

Love was someone that you loved to find
For just the sense to try
To walk ahead and leave the pain behind
If the days aren't easy and the nights are rough
When they ask you what you're thinking of
Say love, say for me love
Say love, say for me love

Your heart says not again
What kind of mess have you got me in
But when the feelings there
It can lift you up and take you anywhere
But the gravel beneath you and the limbs above
If anybody asks you where your coming from
Say love, say for me love
Say love, say for me love

Say yes we live uncertainty
And disappointments have to be
And everyday we might be facing more
And yes we live in desperate times
But fading words and shaking rhymes
There's only one thing here worth hoping for
With Lucifer beneath you and God above
If either one of them asks you what your living of

Say love, say for me love
Say love, say for me love
Say love, say for me love
Say love, say for me love
Say love, say for me love
Say love, say for me love

I think of Harper.  I think of keeping my heart soft for her and not hard or coated in bitterness.  I think of the loveliness of the lines in this song and want to stay open to her.  I want to be engaged and not sitting on the couch, dazed.  

I think of this girl that just IS love.  I think of her funny lines, her renditions of Adele songs, her pretending.  I think of her manners, how fast she runs, her long arms wrapped around my neck as she tries to sleep.  She is tender, kind, compassionate, strong.  

I pray for both of us to stay vulnerable and pliable towards each other in our hearts.  That we would choose joy.  That we would choose love.  That we would say it to each other.  I pray our hearts would be full of God's love and caringness towards us.  If you ask me what we're living of, I say love.


Jinny Newlin said...

Amen! I'll agree with that ;)! Hugs!

Jami Nato said...

good words. as usual. when are you writing your book? (starting a rumor)

Pipsylou said...

The Avett brothers!!!!!! You are my virtual best friend. I heard I and love and you on pandora one day and by the end of the day I owned an album.... I love this song and wow. The lyrics. Could not be more perfect.

I pray that for you girls too, Molly. I'd like to point out that Matt's death is not fair but I don't get the final say on fair.

Kelsey said...

I'll join you in those prayers - with confidence! Because those are the kind of prayers God love to answer.

P.S. You're pretty. Even when you're making a silly face.

jordanne said...

You keep writing Molly, and we'll keep reading. I love and appreciate your honesty, it never gets old. Praying always.

Jacque Nordhus said...

Molly, I love you and Harper and Brian and Vicki sooooo much. Please always remember that you have many praying for you all. Your posts are such an inspiration. Your testimony and life story are growing and changing everyday. I hate this chapter in your life but know that God is leading you through it, with love. Harper is so very blessed to have you as a mother. And I am so very blessed to have met you and your family.
I can hardly wait for your book. :)

Kenyon Delk said...

Molly-girl: You and Harper are such beautiful examples of God's love. So thankful you were both at OFA last week! I hope that time filled you with great joy. I enjoyed catching up with you and hope you know how much I pray for and love you both. Keep living for love, beautiful girl!!!