Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Important Update

TUESDAY, APRIL 3, 2012 11:52 AM, CDT
important update
I must admit – I’m not sure how to say all of this…
I’m not sure how to say how mighty and loving our God is… how he is wrapping his arms around us.
I’m not sure how to say that he has answered our prayers – the ones that we barely dared to utter…
Thy will be done.

We knew God would reveal himself in this ordeal.  We knew it.  We just didn’t know WHAT he would reveal about himself… his healing power?  His gracious love?  His peace that passes understanding?
He is revealing himself to be a loving father – who comforts those who mourn – who is near to those who suffer.  Who is tender with those who are broken-hearted.

Matt’s body has suffered too much.  Jesus is calling him home.  This afternoon they will shift his care in a different direction – to comfort and rest.

Pray for Harper today – she gets to see her Daddy – pray that she would not be frightened by tubes and beeps, but would see only his loving face. 
Pray for Molly – courage and strength to endure the unimaginable this day… for rest when rest comes.
Pray for Brian, Vicki and Mark (and their families).  Treasured, quiet moments with Matt.
Pray for Molly’s family – they are an invaluable support to Molly and Harper and will need strength in the days ahead.
Pray for Matt’s care-giving team today – Dr. Husmann, Dr. Porter-Williamson, Lauren, Bryan, Becca and Ashley.  We are missing some names, but the team has been great and will need strength and wisdom today.

Pray for us all to hold Matt with open hands today – hands raised in grief and thanksgiving, confusion and hope, in trust and expectancy.

We will continue to keep you updated today.  There will again be a prayer service in the Spencer Chapel at 4pm on the campus HERE.  Please come if you need/want to, or pray from wherever you are…
Obviously there will be needs and support requested – we will let you know about those as they come up.
Thank you – for the outpouring of faith, prayer, love and service.  God revealed in the body of Christ.


Molly Huggins said...

I have been reading and weeping for the past thirty minutes. My heart is crying out for you and I am praying so hard. You don't know me, we have a mutual friend, but the grace in you ministers to me. I am so so sorry.

The Portland Pretty said...

Sending Prayers from Portland.

Becker Family said...

Molly and Harper, our hearts as well as prayers are being poured out to you. I pray for healing mourning, for unending love and support, for rest in Gods arms, for strength to face the days, and peace that can only come from our heavenly father.

Love you guys,

The Sotos said...

My heart is breaking for you! I am praying that God surrounds you with His grace & love in the days ahead! I am an adoptive mom that has been following your blog & praying for your family for awhile now. I am lifting you up tonight!

Mandy said...

I only "know" you through an acquaintance on Facebook, but I've been thinking of you daily. Reading the latest updates has brought me to tears. I am sitting here at work crying for someone I don't know... I'm not a weepy kind of girl. I don't know why, or how to explain it, but my heart hurts for you. You and your family will be in my prayers all throughout the day and days to come.