Thursday, December 1, 2011

only to be with you

only to be with you is the title of the next blog you are going to become obsessed with.  

I used to volunteer for the organization I now work for.  Christian was on staff at that time.  This cool guy and his cool wife are collectively super cool.  They are both brilliant writers.  Their blog chronicles their journey to adopt their daughter from Ethiopia.  We are getting closer to the end of their journey as you can read about, but you should really go back and read the whole thing.  They speak so beautifully to the heart of adoption.  

The title of their blog is a line from the U2 song "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.  Remember the words?
I have climbed highest mountains
I have run through the fields
Only to be with you
Only to be with you
I have run
I have crawled
I have scaled these city walls
These city walls
Only to be with you

Are you teary? I am.  Okay.  Stop reading this.  Go read that.

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ArmyWife said...

i have to say - i just discovered yesterday that you have been posting again. i hadn't checked the blog in months but you have all most definitely been in my thoughts as you continue to be through this holiday season and beyond.