Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Tooth Fairy and His Goodness

Well we have some huge news...  At least through Harper's eyes.  

She lost her first tooth.  

Aunt Wink wiggled it out.  Which was fine by me because, frankly, I consider the whole affair to be disgusting.  That tiny tooth is creepy, the bloody kleenex, the rawness of those gums...  Whew.  I pause in typing to shudder.  ANYWAY! Yay! She lost her tooth!  So the tooth fairy is slated to come that night.  

Harper leaves this note.

She had informed me a few days prior to this that when the tooth fairy comes she takes the tooth, turns it into fairy dust, and sprinkles it over the child to ensure sweet dreams.  Good to know!  After Harps is asleep I run to Michaels and purchase pink tinsel glitter and teeny star confetti.  Later that night we remove the tooth (bleh), leave the cash prize, and I go to town with the fairy dust.  I went to sleep feeling so proud of myself.  

"This is fun!" I thought as I smugly drifted off.
"I'm a great mom!" I congratulated myself with a small smile and closed eyes.
"I'm making a great memory for her!" I cheered for myself as I rolled over and slept.

Pride comes before the fall.

I awoke to, "Mom.  The tooth fairy came. She went crazy in my room." 


Harper went on to explain that it was just one small tooth which should have resulted in only a small amount of fairy dust.  I had liberally scattered it across both of her pillows and the note.  She was really put out.  I sighed inwardly and thought, "oh well.  It's just the stupid tooth fairy.  No big deal." However, to my daughter it was a big deal.  She called my mom and told her it was a "disaster."  She told her friends that when she woke up she "almost said a cuss word!" It went on and on.

On Christmas day Aunt Wink wiggled out the first tooth's next door neighbor.  Harper sang with great gusto "All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" for all who would listen (mainly my Grandma Lord).  Well, this was thrilling!  Back to back nights of Santa and the Tooth Fairy who would surely redeem herself this time.

So on Christmas night Harper thoughtfully composed her second note.
(Please do not make too much dust, but still leave a little.)

You'll be so relieved to know that things went much better.  I know I was.

The whole reason I share this long tooth fairy story is to communicate that Harper is the best kid alive.  I am completely convinced of this.  I couldn't love her more than I do.  She makes the world an okay place to be.  Her amazing spirit and happiness are what got us through this holiday season.  She keeps asking when she is going to get another brother or sister.  She hopes it is a girl because then she would have two sisters.  This breaks my heart.  She keeps saying she hopes it happens soon.  In fact, all along I had been praying for a little one by Christmas, or by the end of 2011.  There are only four days left.  I don't think it will probably happen.  That's not to say it can't -- it just doesn't seem very likely.  Either way, I just want to say as we wrap up this season of celebrating Christ's birth, I do trust Him completely.  I know that He is good.  When I miss Waverley so much I can hardly see straight and my head is too heavy to lift up, when Harper cries for her sister and writes "I love Wavy" on a page she colors, when things feel unbearable, or when Harper cracks me up and fills me with lightness, or when I'm pretending to be a tooth fairy and getting bossed around by a demanding 5 year old, it's always the same -- God is good.

May the end of this year find you knowing the same.  I just want to say it one last time.  He is good.  He is so, so good.



Jessica Blake said...

bossed around by a demanding 5 year old never sounded so good!
you're brave.
praying you don't have to be so brave this next year.
praying for a new little one in perfect time.
you're amazing.
and i want to be best friends with Harper.

Kelsey said...

oh harper. that girl is a riot. you really SHOULD have known that the glitter dust is proportionate to the size of the tooth. silly. I do agree with you on the blek-factor of losing teeth. As a first grade teacher, I unfortunately get involved in way too many loose to lost teeth adventures. The worst is when the kid is like, "Mrs. Kautzi! Check out this tooth! It's hanging on by just a shred of flesh and it's sticking out of my gum at an obscene angle and I can twirl it around, but I'm not going to pull it I'm just going to mess with it all through your science lesson." Next thing you know the tooth is imbedded in the PB&J, the entire class is in hysterics and I'm on the hunt for a plastic baggie to store it in. I think the moms are secretly thrilled that the event happened on my watch. I guess what I'm saying is, when Lila's ready to lose her teeth, I'm handing her off to her teacher and feigning surprise when I'm handed the bloody specimen in a ziplock at the end of the day. But, thanks to you, I will surely use the appropriate amount of tooth fairy glitter. :)

Katy said...

Oh Molly,tears came to my eyes before I was done reading. God is good and you will have a babe at just the right time! Praying for you, Matt and Harper always and Wavy too!

Carla said...

Molly, Oh how I love you and your family...you can make me laugh out loud and my eyes water all in the course of just a few minutes. May the Lord richly bless you in 2012. I know He will.

Sonya said...

God is indeed so good. I am committing to continue to pray for the three of you, for Waverly and for the family that will make the amazing decision to allow you to become their parents again.

When a granchild lost a tooth at my house, they got $5 and then asked the toothfairy to leave the tooth so they could take it home for their own pillow. Guess who they wanted to pull teeth when they had sleepovers.

May 2012 be all you hope and dream it to be.

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

This made me laugh so hard that I read it out loud to Vance! I really want to spend a day with you and Harper sometime... that girl seems like she would be a ton of fun to "hang with"!

And I made my dad do the teeth pulling for Noah - it creeps me out too (and Vance also!). Thanks goodness for relatives, huh?!

Hope you ended your holiday time with as much peace as can be expected. I know you are likely disappointed that you didn't have a new baby in your arms to ring in the New Year, but I have hope and lots of FAITH that 2012 will have great things in store for your family. Your faithfulness will be rewarded; your brokenness will be restored. I have faith and pray this FOR you; even on days when you can't :)

Much love and MANY blessings in 2012!


Jessica Blake said...

I keep checking and checking hoping and an adoption update!
We're praying!

ksfaith said...

You are amazing... Your faith BIG, and our God the same yesterday today and tomorrow. Thanks for inspiring me every time I read your words.

Becky said...

Loved reading this today. I know I'm always behind. Just made me smile so much. Harper just seems so full of creativity and reminds me so much of you Molly. Just fun. I'll be praying at 3:30 or 2:30 my time. So proud of you for doing this as I know it can't be easy. Love you!