Wednesday, November 9, 2011

my adorable daughter

I thought you might want in on the fabulousness happening at my house lately.  And who am I to prevent that from happening?  The last few weeks in pictures:

The one good parenting move we've got right now: the good behavior chart.  Harper responds much better to it than she did to all of the griping I had been doing.  No one likes being a griper or a gripee. So instead, a sticker chart that lead to a family movie night.  We never eat outside the kitchen so dinner in the basement together while we watched Ratatouille was a fun reward for a chart full of unicorn stickers.

Exhibit 1 of darlingness.

Exhibit 2 of darlingness.  This one freaks me out.  Is she 5 or 18? I can't tell here.

Halloween.  She was a... ? We're not sure.  She just REALLY wanted to wear this outfit she was recently given.  She was a "dancer girl from Dancing With The Stars" (which she has seen commercials for and is convinced it would be awesome to watch), or a "sugarplum fairy," or a "recital girl," or a "ballet girl."  Whatever she was feeling when you asked.  Just keeping it loose.  Staying flexible.   

This week Harper has finished her second Good Behavior Chart.  The reward is a campout in the living room.  She and Matt have wanted to do this for awhile.  Friday night is the night.  They will be enjoying the great indoors while I attend a gothic, Star Wars wedding.  I know.  Now you wish you were a Nagel.



Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

OK, now you're going to have to give me details on the good behavior chart! What's on it? I LOVE the reward ideas. Matt is so fun. I think I do wish I was a Nagel :) And kudos to you for letting Harper to her own thing on Halloween! I agree... she is DARLING!

Kelsey said...

Um, what? gothic? star wars? WEDDING!?! Bah-ha-ha-ha-ha! Oh my, oh my, may I please be a Nagel!?

bri-bri said...

love love love her and love you and matt! i do wish i was a nagel. good luck with the photos at that wedding, lady. i want to hear all about it. let me know if you have any time to hang out later this weekend. miss you.

E and K said...

Oh the wedding!! I can't wait to hear all about it. :)

Katy said...

Love the pictures of Harper! Behavior charts are awesome, I have an almost 5 yr son and yes, we need a behavior chart too! Love your posts! Have fun tonight!

Sonya said...

Your daughter is adorable as are her parents. Always praying for you.