Sunday, November 21, 2010

A few days ago we filed a motion to reconsider with the courts.  This is basically us asking the court to think about the decision they made and change their minds.  The odds of us winning this are terrible.  I would like to think though, that we have tried every possible thing we could try to keep our little girl with us.  

There are two other reasons we decided to file this motion.  The first reason is that it buys us a little time to work on the transition plan.  When I say transition plan I mean the plan where custody of Waverley is transferred to the other party and we are no longer her parents.  Having a good plan approved by the court is the last good thing we can do for her as her parents.  So we want to put the best possible plan into place and execute it with as much grace as we are able to.  This is the most important thing for us right now.

The last reason that we filed it was the hope that the court would change the language used in the ruling.  While it was never a main concern of ours we had always been hopeful that our situation would make adoption law more pro-child and less pro-biological connection.  Best interest of the child is not considered in these cases.  In this latest ruling the language actually hurts adoption more than it helps adoption.  Honestly, if it were for this factor alone we would probably not be doing it.  We are passionate about adoption and think it is a beautiful thing, but we are not in a place where we feel like "taking one for the team." Combined with these other factors though this feels like a good next step.  Or as good as we can come up with anyway.  

The court will rule on this anytime.  It could be as few as two days (which have already passed) or as long as three months.  It will most likely not exceed that time frame.  If we lose the motion to reconsider we have 30 days from that time for the custody to transfer to the other party.  So we are looking at sometime between December and March.  We would love for you to pray for this miracle with us.  

I am hesitating as I type this post because I am not sure what to include.  We have sat with two different child therapists for different reasons over the past couple of weeks.  It is an awful, awful thing to be discussing how to tell your daughter that you can't be her mommy and daddy anymore.  That looms ahead of us.  We will wait until this final ruling before we start that process.  So for now our girls don't know anything other than Mommy and Daddy are sad sometimes.  

I don't think I need to go into the details of how impossible this feels or how broken our hearts are.  It seems like parading our tragedy.  I will just say I don't think we would all be in one piece without the love and help and prayers and support and food and good words we have gotten from people that care about us.  Thank you for falling into that camp.  Thank you for checking on us and providing for us and saying the things we need to hear.  We'll let you know more as we hear it.

With love and thanks,


Jami Nato said...

i love praying for you and your sweet peanut everyday. God is hearing your prayers, He is very near to you right now.

cody said...

We are continuing to pray for you all in Colorado. I thought of you when I read this verse.

“A good man … will not be afraid of evil tidings; his heart is
steadfast, trusting in the Lord. His heart is established; he will not
be afraid...” (Psalm 112:

Julie said...

HI :) I'm Julie and I heard of you on my facebook page. I believe a friend of mine from church is sister's with a friend of yours. Anyway, my family and I will be thinking of yours and praying for you through this situation.

Have you considered creating a prayer button to put on your blog so others can take it and put it on their blog? I run this blog (which incedentally has the same background as yours does!) and would love to put a prayer button of yours on it for my followers to see. Hopefully creating more awareness for you and therefore prayers. If you're interested in making a button, I'll send you the link to a great tutorial so you can make one yourself. Either way, praying for you!!

Julie in Ohio
myvibrantdesigns at gmail dot com

Julie said...

Well, forget what I suggested about the blog button. I just read what you requested of not making this blog public. Praying for you...and completely understand where you're coming from in that request.

Erin and Roger Bell said...

I just recently was given your blog by some dear friends of yours and mine, and I am absolutely heartbroken for your family. I am praying for a miracle here, but to hear that the last good thing you can do as her parents is have a good transition plan is such an example of Godly love. Thank you for sharing your journey. Praying,
The Bells

Anonymous said...

My cousin, Kristi Swob, told me your story and I am so SO SO sorry for this. I am praying for you and your family.
-Amy Schroeder

Sonya said...

Praying without ceasing.

Jenny said...

I'm really not sure how I came across your blog, but my heart just aches for you guys. As a fellow adoptive mommy, I cannot even imagine what you are going through right now! It just isn't fair! I am praying for a miracle on your behalf!!!! We serve a mighty God! Praying for you and your precious family!

Katy said...

I have been praying for you at 10:08 am and 10:08pm or as close to those times as possible. I have my bible study group also praying for you. God is hearing our prayers, we just have to continue to have faith! friend in Jesus, Katy

Katrina said...

praying for you and the girls everyday.