Tuesday, September 28, 2010

peaceful days

We are just living in the middle of a long exhale for the next few weeks.  There is no news expected at all (and by news I mean verdict on the appeal that was heard before the Supreme Court of Kansas earlier this month) for the next few weeks.  And since we are not living in fear of Fridays yet (more on that another day) we are just hanging out in the easier-to-get-through days that come between court and any hope of a ruling.  That doesn't mean the days are necessarily totally painless.  We have the normal day to day issues, but we just laugh in the face of them.  We don't care! What's a bad day at work or having a cold when we are living in this freedom from bad news?  It makes me day dream about how it would feel if this was all over and in the past... Pausing for the daydream.  Yes.  

So speaking of having a cold -- this weekend Matt and I were feeling really rotten and it was my turn to lay on the couch and do nothing while the other grown up took care of the children.  I had worked that day so I didn't mind that my kids were all over me as I laid there.  Harper was of course my nurse.  She was bringing me things and driving a matchbox car all over my arms and back (which felt pretty good actually;  try making your kids do that every once in awhile). Later that evening I stumbled across this article written by the hilarious Kacy on her blog.  I am just including it below because I figure you might like a laugh too.  


As part of my end-of-summer efforts to get my hands on the wheel of this bus that is spinning out of control (Hint for the literalists among you: the bus is my family), I was sleeping on the floor of Ellen's room last night to break her of the habit of climbing into bed with Maggie several times a night. I wouldn't care that she does this but co-sleeping makes them both crotchety, as it does all of us (I WENT there, Dr. Sears.)

It's going pretty well. I didn't have to spend the whole night on her floor. People without kids are probably going, wait--that's a thing? Spending the night on your kid's floor happens? (They're so cute before they get haggard.) I was thinking about a post I wrote last year for the now defunct Light Refreshments Served. I keep meaning to transfer all my posts from there over to this blog but, you know--I'm asleep on the floor of my kid's room. So I think I'll bring them over one by one with the hope that this will imbue them with a kind of vintage flair. Here's the post I wrote last October about sleeping on your face:

You might think I’m kidding, but I’m not. I just discovered this new way to sleep since having my fourth and final baby. I wish I would have known about it sooner. At the risk of stating something obvious that everyone figured out before me, please allow me to share this day-time sleeping position with you.

With cold and flu season starting up you will probably get sick. It’s ok because there are many cold medicines which are pleasant to take–but only pleasant if you can really lay down and enjoy the grogginess they cause. With kids you know that you of course can not get into your bed. I hear about people who have helpers or friends or family who take their kids or come over when the mom gets sick but that has never happened to me. Of course you can steal a few hours during nap time or TV time or playing with beautiful wooden toy time (myth) but what about when your toddler demands your presence? Mine does almost 100% of the time. Note that I said presence. It doesn’t always have to be full-on attention.

But they get suspicious if you lay on a pillow–somehow they are very tuned in to your comfort level. And comfort=time to bug you. I can’t sleep on my back–if you can you are lucky. My husband can and he has all kinds of games he plays with the kids while he sleeps on his back such as “build a tower out of pillows on dad” and “dead pioneer.” This might work for you.

For us side and stomach sleepers, it’s not that uncomfortable to lay on the floor and fold your arms under your head and try to rest that way. But take it from me, it won’t last long because your arms fall asleep–you see, I am really serious here. This is serious advice. Here’s what works for me: I lay flat on my face. No one notices or asks me for anything. They think I’m still playing. They can tell I’m totally uncomfortable so they see no need to disrupt me. Then I turn my head to the side. This won’t be comfortable at first. But just let your neck relax and in a few minutes you will settle right in to the carpet (it won’t work on a hard floor). Now here’s the trick: put your arms and hands under the front of your legs. This does two things. It makes you feel like you have covers (which you can’t have because your toddler will pull any blankets off of you to use for herself or a doll). It also takes a little pressure off of your lower back which allows you to actually sleep in this position and remain really quite comfortable for a while.

This is the only way I’ve ever been able to doze off while “playing” with my kids. I hope it helps. I’m so jealous of you back sleepers but tell me, do they jump on you as soon as your eyes close?


Sonya said...

Just want to let you know that I think about you guys and pray for you daily.

God is Good--all the time.

Love you,

Yia Yia said...

This is HILARIOUS!!!!!!...and TRUE!! They will NOT let you sleep, and who knows what they'd do to the surroundings if they did let you doze off for just a minute. Hang in there! You can survive...I did. O.k., so I'm a little crazy, but I survived!