Thursday, April 8, 2010

On Monday we found out that Supreme Court of Kansas will hear the appeal.  

In writing this I am having a hard time getting much further.  I just keep staring at that ugly sentence.  And not knowing what else to really say from there.  Uhm. Hmm.

We are terribly dissappointed (that feels obvious.)
We are really surprised.
This is the hardest I have seen Matt take bad news that we have received along the way.
We hadn't expected to hear much either way this "soon" after the ruling on the last appeal.
This means that everything will drag on much longer.

We are back in the brief writing stage.  We have thirty days and then I believe they have another turn to file a brief.  We are meeting with our lawyer tomorrow (Friday) afternoon to talk about it.  So.  This is choppy I know.  I just can't seem to get into writing an easier to read version.  We are still just in a state of disbelief as Wavy's June birthday creeps up it has become apparent that we need to adjust our hope to wrapping this up for her third birthday.  Which just makes us want to... I don't know what.  Be mad.

I just don't really know about facing the idea of losing our daughter for so much longer.  It seems fairly unmanageable right now.  More (I was hoping that there wouldn't need to be) later.


Danielle said...

Oh Molly... I'm so, so sad to read this post. Truthfully, I'm in shock as I didn't think there was any way that the Supreme Court would agree to hear this case. The mere thought of removing a little girl from her home of 2 years seems inhumane. I am so sorry that you will have to continue wondering, worrying, hoping, praying... we will all be with you as you do though! You know that with prayer, impossibile things can be possible... praying for one more miracle!

Chris and Diane said...

oh man. this really just stinks. to put it lightly. my heart is squeezing so tightly right now with ache for you. my prayer is that the only reason they could have possibly agreed to hear the case is so they can have an opportunity to change precedent and laws and all that stuff....i don't know how it really works, but maybe just maybe there is goodness in there somewhere. and i'm sorry to be sorry. and i'm sorry you have to hear me be sorry. lord, jesus - wrap them up in your comfort and give them what they need for each moment that is to come.