Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

This post will have two parts. The first part is a thank you note. The second part is a display of the cutest two girls you may ever see (at which point I will wish you a Happy Easter). That's right.

Part I

You may remember from a short while back a raffle for a quilt.  A sweet woman and excellent quilter made the loveliest blanket to raffle off on our blog.  The quilt was pictured draped over a red adirondack chair.  I became a little bit obsessed with that picture.  I would daydream about sitting in that red chair on a beautiful early spring day reading to my girls, snuggled up with that quilt. Or sitting there resting while Wavy napped in my lap.  I could go on here.  Well, the quilt went to a loving home, but I could not get it out of my mind.  AND THEN! I got an amazing gift. This wonderful quilter made us our very own quilt. Here is how the one she made us is different from the one she raffled.  Besides being absolutely beautiful it is covered in Scripture that she wrote all over it.  The verses are all the same soothing theme of peace in God. We will obviously treasure it forever.  

The reason I am sharing this (beside just the fact that it makes me enormously happy) is that it just felt like our whole experience of support embodied in one lovely present.  People have cared for us so well it has truly felt like we were being wrapped up in a blanket and comforted when we needed it the most.  

From the amazing things people have made and sold on our behalf to the services people have donated or the awesome fundraisers people have hosted, we have just been given so so much.  And the true and selfless kindness people have shown us throughout this otherwise ugly situation has just sustained our family in so many ways.  Where would we be without you? And so just one more inadequate thank you. Thank you. Please know how grateful we are for you. 

Part II

Happy Easter!

Today I was quite proud of myself for avoiding fatalistic thinking and agonizing over every detail of the day worried that it might be the last.  Really though, if Christ overcame the grave, what do I have to worry about here? I wish that could be my mindset every day.  But Easter doesn't really leave a lot of room for wondering about God's power and might.  So today I simply enjoyed the day for what it was. 

One other thing that helped: how unbelievably cute my two beautiful girls looked and how much fun they had at Aunt Wink's house.  

Scenes From the Hunt

A quick highlight from the day -- Wavy was slowly and methodically walking to the eggs she was after, picking it up, firmly putting it in her basket, and moving on. When she put one of the eggs into her basket it came undone and some bracelets spilled out. She looked at the grown ups with amazement, wondering if we, like her, had no idea there were such wonderful things inside the eggs. She sat down quickly and proudly put on all of her bracelets. Then she kept waving at us so we could admire them.  This last picture is of Wave running through the yard with her treasures. Happy as could be.

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