Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When we started this journey several years ago we could have never imagined that this is where it would take us. Our hope and our prayers were always that it would be a fairly normal adoption journey. All we were wanting was to be parents to another daughter – Waverley. As you know, though, our journey has been anything but normal. We’ve had to endure more than any adoptive family should have to endure, and that’s how we ended up where we did today – in front of a Kansas House Judiciary Committee – to play whatever part we can to ensure that another family does not have to walk where we have walked. We weren’t the only family there today either. There was another mom and dad that just 2 months ago said goodbye to a daughter they had raised for nearly 2 years. While not exactly like our case, their case was very similar and their family fell victim to the same vague law and same poor judgment of the courts. Like us, they too lost their daughter of nearly 2 years. After hearing their story we are even more convinced that changes need to be made in the Kansas adoption law. Changes that would bring clarity to the adoption statute and prevent cases like ours and this other couples from happening.

Today brought some very unwelcome familiarity into our world. Not only did we have to agonize through our story again for our testimony, but we had to dress in “court clothes” again, make a familiar drive to Topeka, strategize with attorney’s ahead of time about what was coming and what we could expect, and sat in silence again with a familiar nervous feeling. The exact things we did nearly every time we had to go to court for our case. Only this time we actually got to speak. We got to stand before a group of men and women who write the laws in our state and share our story. We got to tell them that her name is Waverley and not Baby Girl P. They had a chance to see how the current law affects adoptive families and specifically how it affects the children involved. They’ve now heard how the courts are interpreting the current adoption law and what that interpretation looks like in the lives of real people. We’re thankful for that and hopeful that our story will stick with this committee as they deliberate this bill and decide what it should look like moving forward. We’re also very thankful that today is over. It was good, but hard and emotional and tiring. It wasn’t without its little graces here and there. As she always does, Harper had some very funny 5 year old things to say as we ended our day. Our day actually ended with laughter and a reminder of how much God has given us in Harper.

We’re also so very thankful for all of your prayers and kind words today. We read your blog comments, texts and facebook comments all the way to Topeka. They were so comforting and encouraging and a wonderful reminder us that we’ve never been in this alone.


Carla said...

Molly, thank you for sharing all of this. We Pink Flamingos prayed for you specifically Monday night. Between our prayers and your cardigan/dress ensemble, I'm more than positive that you made a big impression with what you and Matt had to say! I'll keep praying for changes to be made.
Bless you.

Pipsylou said...

I was just thinking about how God, in his divine and unsearchable wisdom, gave you your "little old lady in a 5 year old's body" in Harper...what a flicker of joy she's been in the darkness to you, I know. While no earthly "thing" or person can ever bring us the joy that only God can, I know he sent you Harper to help get through the rough stuff.

Thank you for doing this thing yesterday. I can only imagine the sort of PTSD you were feeling, but you and I both know it had to be done...

as the old Tom Petty song goes, "no I won't back down!"

Hope you're both in your jammies and you're snuggling that girl but good!

Jessica Blake said...

You are amazing. praying Jesus is near.

Yia Yia said...

I'm so very proud of you both, and I cannot believe you had to live through another court atmosphere. I know you did it for Wavy, for other parents who want to adopt, and for the Lord. You are my heroes!! I agree that bright spot in all of this is Harper Karis Nagel. She is amazing and has brought you through some very hard days. Love you all, XOXOXO, Mom/Vicki

Anonymous said...

I had no idea a bill like this was being presented. I will continue to keep your family and this cause in my prayers!