Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some Happiness

During the long months that have brought us up to now I have cried buckets.  We have felt completely destroyed, lain through many sleepless nights, felt physically ill as we missed our sweet one, and suffered agonizing loss.  One thing that I realized during this time was why creature comforts are called just that.  There is something amazing to me about how much certain pick-me-ups can help me get through a ridiculously hard moment/day/afternoon/whatever.  I am not downplaying the extreme importance of the  things that matter most in my life.  I just thought I would share a few of the simple pleasures that can make me smile most of the time.  In no particular order:

*green tea lattes from Starbucks
*a great book
*a funny tv show like 30 Rock or Modern Family
*a weird sound my dog Parsley makes
*oatmeal made with cream and brown sugar
*a little green butter plate I keep my glasses on in the linen closet
*my gray toms
*a little present
*the way aveda products smell
*phad thai
*flowers in my house, especially zinnias from my friends' gardens
*running across a fun quote that I like
*getting an email that a book I requested at the library has come in
*the little gold owl on my desk
*good looking dish towels
*a pretty box of kleenex instead of the one that looks like hunter green or mauve marble (who wants those?)
*a letter in the mail, one dear friend always makes my day with these (xo to you KW)

What creature comforts do you most enjoy?  I might borrow them.


poemwriter said...

Molly, I have checked your blog almost weekly in the past months - cried, smiled, cried more. I can't imagine how scary yet life-giving painful returning to this page has been. My hope is renewed in your words. As Christ has promised us of new life in Heaven with Him, He is offering new life to you and those who love you. Waverley has new life surrounded by Jeremiah 29:11. I will keep coming to this page to learn of God's unfailing love.

Totschies said...

Really glad you guys are back blogging... thanks for sharing your thoughts. Some of my favorite comforts are hugs from my husband, clean sheets, pumpkin spice lattes (and its almost that time:), dark chocolate reeces, and documentaries on netflix, especially if they concern middle or high schoolers.... pressure cooker, mad hot ballroom, chops....