Friday, June 4, 2010

legal briefs

This week we received copies of the brief that the other party submitted to the Supreme Court of Kansas and the response brief our lawyer filed.  This represents what has gone on for the first sixty days since the Supreme Court decided to hear this case.  The birthfather's side has the right to file a brief in response to ours but is not required to.  They have thirty days to do that if they so choose.

Reading the briefs was hard because I like to think that there is no chance that the birthfather and his mother could have their victory.  So when I see their pages of arguments about why Wavybel should legally go to him, I just feel my heart sitting like a rock in my chest.  I like to think that our brief was amazing and totally shut theirs down.  However, I can't rationally see why the court would hear this case though if they thought it was a waste of their time.  Please pray for my family.  Please pray that our lawyer would be filled with wisdom and right words and passion for this case.  Please pray that the judges would be unable to rule against my family for any reason.  Please pray that this would be the last step to finalizing Wavy's adoption.   

The longer this goes on the simpler our prayers are.  Please join us in praying that Waverley remains in our family forever.  We would be so grateful to you for those prayers.

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Carla said...

Matt and Molly, I will continue to bring you and your sweet daughter's plight before our Lord who loves you
so much. Keep on keeping on, my friends.