Thursday, August 6, 2009

SHOW MATT & MOLLY YOUR SUPPORT... and help raise money!

How neat would it be if Matt & Molly could actually SEE how many people are praying for them and supporting them on their adoption journey?

Well, now they CAN!



These bracelets are in the process of being made! They will be light blue in color (Molly's choice to represent Waverley) and have a debossed look (similar to the ever-so-popular "Livestrong" yellow bracelets) that says...

"For the Love of Waverley"

If you would like to SHOW your support to Matt & Molly as well as help with their financial needs, reserve your bracelets today!

We welcome a suggested donation of $5 per bracelet, but any amount you feel you can give will be graciously accepted.

If you would like to purchase a "bulk" of bracelets to sell to your church members, family, or friends, that can be accommodated as well.

We want to light up the greater Kansas City area with an ocean of light blue bracelets SHOWING Matt & Molly how many people are praying for them and supporting their needs!

AND... for those of you that purchase bracelets, please email me a picture of you and/or your group showing off your bracelets. I will be starting a Photo Gallery on this blog showcasing all of the bracelet-wearing supporters!

To reserve your bracelet or to purchase a bulk grouping, please contact Danielle at . 100% of the profits from the sale of these bracelets will be contributed to the "Help Matt & Molly Fund".

Thank you in advance for supporting this inaugural fundraiser and for doing your part to SHOW Matt & Molly your support!

With gratitude,



The Sieve's said...

Thank you Danielle for making this website. My friend Jaime Summers asked me to pray for the Nagels back in February. We began praying together. I commit to continued prayer.

The Garrs said...

I love this website, because it reminds me of the miracle that is Waverley. In my day to day thoughts I just think of the Nagels as a family of four...period. Their family just is, as mine and yours...I cannot imagine it any other way. Yet, until this is all finished, we must pray and pray and PRAY. I do believe that things are as they will continue to be, for if you know this family, you can see the divine appointments that have been so sweetly made. However, prayer is powerful and Matt and Molly need support in about 1,000 ways. I am so thankful that this blog is offering the needed support. WE LOVE know we do!