Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"M & M" Need Your Help

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am the person behind this blog.

My name is Danielle and I have been a friend of Matt's since childhood. Our parents met in college and remain close friends today.

I have followed M&M's adoption journey since they first embarked on it over three years ago with the adoption of their first daughter, Harper.

I remember having a conversation with Molly about the "open adoption" relationship they chose to have with Harper's birth mother. I was so impressed with her willingness to do whatever she felt was in the best interest of her daughter... even if it might mean having some awkward interactions at times. She explained her concept of adoption to me in such a loving and compassionate way... a way that was different from any other view point I had previously heard.

I have such admiration for M&M and their love for the process of adoption.

As "Wavybel's" adoption started to get complicated, they kept their struggle to themselves for fear of tainting their family and friends' opinion of adoption. They only want adoption to be viewed for the positive, selfless act of love that it is.

It was only when their situation became dire that they opened up and allowed their family and friends to embark on this journey with them.

They shared their journey so that others could join them in praying for a favorable outcome in the court case.

And prayed they did!

As M&M sent out emails requesting specific prayers for wisdom, guidance, and justice, hundreds, if not thousands, petitioned the Lord on their behalf.

Their home and church filled with family and friends each night before court dates to hold prayer vigils.

They heard about people who were praying for them... people from far away places that they didn't even know.

And the prayers were heard... and answered!

M&M wholeheartedly believe that the outcome of their trial was nothing short of a miracle and an answer to those many, many prayers.

And for that, they are forever grateful.

But their battle isn't over.

As they face another legal battle, they again need your help.

They covet your prayers, once again, for a favorable outcome in this next legal battle. If you are reading this, I humbly ask you to lift up this family in prayer....
~ prayer for a quick and favorable resolution to the appeal
~ prayer for patience, courage, and peace for M&M and Harper
~ prayer for healing of the wounds that the past year's struggles has caused their family

While M&M would never ask for anything more than your prayers, I asked them to consider allowing me to ask you for more help. Please know that it was with much time and prayer that they finally allowed me to ask for your help on their behalf.

As you might imagine, this adoption procedure has become incredibly expensive. Their gracious attorney has done his best to write off as much of the cost as he can, but the remaining legal bills are more than most families could handle. The sum continues to grow as the process continues.
The financial stress of the situation has only added to the emotional stress that M&M have had to endure for over a year. As any parent can imagine, the stress of potentially losing your child coupled with staggering legal bills, can become almost unbearable.

And that is why I wanted to try to help alleviate part of their stress.

This blog has been created, first and foremost, as a way to keep family and friends updated on their continuing adoption journey.

But secondly, it has been created to provide opportunities to help M&M, both with their emotional needs and their financial needs.

As I've already mentioned, the best way that you can help with their emotional needs is to simply pray for them! That alone gives them such hope and comfort.

And for those that are interested in helping with their financial needs, there will be opportunities and outlets to make donations to a "Help M&M" fund. This fund has been set up for the express purpose of helping M&M with the legal costs associated with the continued litigation necessary to finalize "Wavybel's" adoption. All donations will graciously be used for this purpose.

Currently, there is a donation button on the right sidebar of this blog where you can make a secure donation to the "Help M&M Fund" through PayPal.

This blog will also continue to advertise various fundraisers that are going on in an effort to help M&M with their financial needs. On the right sidebar of the blog, beneath the image of "WavyBel's" sweet feet, you will see all of the fundraisers currently going on! We hope these fundraisers will be updated often, so please continue to check back often!

The inagural fundraiser, "Show M&M Your Support", has begun! For more information about it, please click here.

It is my belief that when a LOT of people help just a LITTLE, BIG things can be accomplished! So please give whatever you can... no amount is too small to help!

Finally, if you are a friend or family member who would like to organize a fundraiser for M&M, please email me at wavybelblogrequest@gmail.com and I will be happy to post the details of your event on this blog.

M&M are, quite simply, amazing. They are some of the best examples of Christian parents that I know. The way they love their daughters, and eachother, is inspiring.

Their faith is strong and they rest in knowing that they serve a God who wants only the best for them and who can peform miracles.

I hope you will join me in helping this sweet family in any way that you are able to help.

It is an understatement of great proportion to say that they will be "forever grateful."

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Monica (Stafford) Gildner said...

I don't know if Matt & Molly will remember me or not, but I attended KSU at the same time they did and was active in Ichthus. Please let them know I will be praying for them. I work in child welfare, and my heart breaks for the struggle they are enduring right now.