Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Happiest Post Ever

You know, when I sat down to write this post I started writing out a lot of the details of how I was processing this and what would happen next in the legal process (which is still ongoing for now).  But as I just finished writing the really good part, the only part that matters, I came back up here to the top and deleted the rest.  Because excuse me, but screw the legal proceedings and details for once.  I have been daydreaming about posting about this time in our lives for a long time now.  So let's not worry about that today.  Let me just share with you the only thing that really matters today.  The rest can wait.  I would love to recount the tender moments I had yesterday after learning that we won the appeal. 

Yesterday when I got off of work I checked my phone for messages from Matt and to call him to see if the ruling had been posted on the court's website.  He had left me a message that he had a question for me and that it was nothing important but that I should call him.  I did not have any inclination that yesterday would be the day. It was the tenth Friday after the hearing and I just was of the mindset that we would be waiting forever.  I called Matt and he talked to me about tea for a couple of minutes! Finally I asked if the rulings hadn't been posted yet.  He started laughing and said that he was just trying to ease me into it.  The ruling had been made and we had won.  It was hard for me to react in the moment but as I am thinking about it now I can barely see because I am crying such joy filled tears.  He told me our lawyer had confirmed it, we had won.  I think I will just type that again a few times because it feels so good.  We won the appeal.  We won the appeal.  We won the appeal. Ahhh.  Lovely.

I didn't know what to do I just kept pacing aimlessly and saying "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?" Neither of us knew what to do or say. I seem to recall some giggling and I might have said something to the effect of "take that you nasty little weasel lawyer" referring to the lawyer we argued against in court.  After staggering around the back room at Starbucks I got into my car and laid my head on the steering wheel.  I just cried and shook my head.  The words "Holy is the Lord, God Almighty. The earth is filled with His glory" kept running through my mind.  Oh man! This is such good stuff! If I am the only one who ever reads these words that is totally fine! I am just having my own little moment here! Rejoicing and remembering! How Great is Our God!

After a short drive home I walked into the house. It was quiet. I heard a couple of tiny giggles coming from Harper's room where she and Wavy and Matt's mom were playing. I softly called out hello.  Wavy came running out of the room down the hall to me.  She had been playing dress up with her sister and was wearing a leopard print onesie and a tutu.  She was laughing and saying mommy.

God is good.  Our family is whole.  We love this life.

{This was taken a few minutes after I got home, but several minutes before I stopped hugging and kissing her.}


Chris and Diane said...

i haven't been able to get on the internet for a few days and i am now sitting here totally crying about this glorious news! eliza said, when i was trying to explain my happy tears, "did jesus tell them no one else wants to take their baby?" i loved getting to say YES!!! eliza just told me, as she sits behind me on the floor, "mommy, i'm telling jesus that i am so happy that matt and malowal (couldn't get your name quite right) get to keep their baby." anyway - rejoicing with you!!!! love you guys and are so stinkin happy for you i can hardly contain myself! i can't wait to go tell our team (whom have all been praying for you). they will freak out too and i think we'll declare our dinner tonight a celebration for you guys! we'll be in your area next week. :) i don't know if it would even be possible, but it'd be fun to stop in and see you guys....gotta go for now.

Emily @ Little Home said...

I am overflowing with happiness for your family!!!!

(I knew you both a little bit through mutual friends at K-State.)

Praise God!

Danielle said...

I'm not sure who is happier in that picture... YOU or WAVY?!?! What a sweet moment that you caputured... one that one day you will be able to share with her and she will realize the magnitude of your love for her and the magnitude of HIS love for her and your family! Soak in every bit of the JOY... the rest CAN wait!

Carla said...

Matt and Molly, I am so very happy for you. I got a text from Vicki during lunch saying "We won!". Haven was at the table with me.(She looked at me a little perplexed when I started shouting "thank you, Jesus!") She bowed her little head with me and shared in the prayer of thanksgiving. Even the angels are rejoicing, I know!
Blessings to your family,
Carla Timberlake

Jinny Newlin said...

We cannot express how very happy we are for you all! I'm sitting here crying tears of joy with you! Yea!