Friday, October 2, 2009

The Waiting Game & Stay Tuned

The Waiting Game
From Molly

Well, as we expected, the entire month of September has passed and we have not heard one tiny word from the courts on when our lawyers will go before them to present the case. So we are settling back into waiting.

We are in an odd, suspended time where we are trying to relax and enjoy this time where there is no legal activity or looming court dates but where we feel uneasy that nothing is happening. It is impossible to relax completely or breathe easily, but at the same time there is comfort that nothing is going on for the moment and we can try to put it out of our minds and enjoy the quiet. I have a hard time finding good things that are stemming from this situation.

However, I do appreciate that I have an awareness of just how precious each moment with my girls really is. I am grateful for the unique perspective that this time is fleeting, and that they will quietly and quickly grow up. I am jarred daily by the reality that it is possible that I could just have these days with Waverley to remember her by forever, and so while it makes me feel an insane panic, it also makes me immensely thankful for each sweet second I have with my girls.

Even when we win this case, which I am fully anticipating that we will, my girls aren't going to take a break or slow down. So I smile and thank God whenever I get a reminder that this life is short and sweet and that these are some of the best moments I'll know:

~ Waverley trying to run down the hall naked before her bath
~ And finding it hilarious when I chase her down
~ Her wild curly hair and playful grin peering up at me over the side of her crib when I
go in to get her in the morning
~ The adoring looks that she gives Matt as he talks to her and teases her
~ The face she makes when she is proud of herself
~ The way it sounds when she yells my name
~ The way she kisses her stuffed monkey every time she sees him like she is having the
best reunion, even though it's only been a few minutes since she last had him!

This is a hard time in our lives, but it is also a happy time. We are deeply blessed, and God is Good.


Stay Tuned
From Danielle

Please stay tuned and check in soon for more updated fundraising opportunities.

The Nagels continue to be blessed by your generous support and fervent prayers.

I have received donations for K-State Tickets, Home Cleaning Services, Adorable Custom Made Girl Clothing, "For the Love of Waverley" Hairbows, Jewelry Party, Tastefully Simple Party and more!

Those fundraisers and auctions will be posted by the beginning of next week, so STAY TUNED!

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